John Terry's wife Toni and her revealing swimming costume show what a Wag has to do to cling on for dear lifestyle

John Terry and wife Toni take a break in Abu Dhabi (

HAVE you ever wondered how stand-by-their-man Wags put their relationships back together after their men are revealed as cheats?

Me neither. But here’s Toni Terry showing us all anyway.

Lucky Toni and her brilliant, inspiring hubby John are on holiday in Abu Dhabi, where she proved she was willing to do whatever it takes – even putting on an aquatic soft porn show – to keep his attention.

First Toni put on a swimsuit so hideous even Jordan wouldn’t be seen dead in it, for tan-line reasons alone. If Pretty Woman had included a beach scene, this is what prozzie Vivian would have worn in it.

Toni’s actually got a great body, never mind for her age, but the cut-out thong-strosity is so unflattering – what it’s doing to her figure is even more of a betrayal than… oh, you know, nothing.

The totally happily married couple turned heads – and probably a fair few stomachs – on the beach when John scooped Toni up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, exposing her entire derriere to all.

Classily, and appropriately, John and Toni’s children were on the beach with them, so were able to enjoy a close-up view of their parents’ gropefest in full. Anyway, jolly good show, Toni. Oh, and Stacey Giggs: welcome to your future.

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