Katy Perry: I don't have sex just once a week!

Katy Perry (Pic: Esquire UK/ Contour)

Pictures Yu Tsai/ContourPhotos.com

She's a sex symbol, her hubby’s a sex addict... so you’d expect their love-life to sizzle.

And, says Katy Perry, that’s exactly how marriage to Russell Brand has turned out.

The pin-up California Gurls singer reveals: “We’re not like the stereotypical joke of a married couple. I’m married to Russell Brand – I don’t just have sex once a week!”

We doubt ­Russell, 36, will tire of all that ­wedded bliss any time soon. Not when Katy, 26, looks this hot in her latest photo shoot – wearing sexy over-the-knee socks, ­suspenders, a low-cut, backside-skimming dress and raunchy hotpants.

But there IS another side to their home life, says Katy, who wed the British comic in India last October: “It is just about us chilling with the cats and putting a movie on and eating.”

She is about to head off on her marathon California Dreams world tour and Russell is filming this year – but they will meet regularly to keep the passion alive.

And she has plenty of ideas for doing that... “I have ­secrets and ­magic tricks, of course. I can’t share them ­because then you’d all know, but let’s just say I’m not shy.” Lucky Russ!

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