Tips for Proper Hair Care

Proper hair care will lead to healthier and better looking hair. Proper care is essential for healthy hair. Here are some “secrets” that will help you in maintaining good looking hair.
Nine tips for proper hair care
1. Do not shampoo on a daily basis. You should shampoo every other day or even every third day. You can always fresh your hair by spritzing roots with water and restyling with a blow dryer.
2. Avoid fastening your ponytail in the same spot in order to minimize damage. You need to alternate the fastening point every day.
3. Do not comb wet hair from roots to ends. Tugging your hair from scalp to tips can lead to breakage. Begin to comb at ends and work up in sections.
4. Stop brushing your hair for shine. This can cause breakage. All you need is a few strokes to style your hair.
5. Do not blow-dry wet hair. This will make your hair difficult to style as well as cause heat damage. Only apply a blow dryer on damp hair for 20 minutes, maximum. Do not overlook this advice.
6. Massage your scalp with your fingertips. This will stimulate blood flow and help grow healthy hair.
7. Use proper brush. In general, the longer your hair, the larger in diameter your brush needs to be.
8. Use hair spray. Use just enough to hold your style.
9. Do not mask dandruff; treat it. Use a shampoo with salicylic acid, zinc, selenium sulfide or tar to get rid of flakes.

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