Brushing Long Hair Properly

Women of all ages love their long hair. How do you brush it out without breaking lengthy hair shafts?
Brushing long hair depends on the type of hair you have. For example, there are different brushing techniques for straight and curly hair.
If you have straight hair, dry it before brushing it. Begin at the ends of your hair, and then work your way up.
Curly hair can be impossible to brush when dry. For some, it can only be combed when wet. Brushing through curls when dry would cause more damage. Do not use a brush; use a comb. Begin at the ends of your hair when they are wet. Very slowly, work your way up. Make sure the comb pass through the entire curl.
However, some experts will not agree with this and they will recommend brushing curly hair when dry. They explain that brushing wet hair sticks them together and then a bigger force is needed to comb which can lead to damage.
Here are some more tips:
- Avoid using harp teethed brushes; they can tear your hair apart.
- If you have long thick hair you will need a bigger brush with stiffer bristles.
- Use the softer brush; it does not scratch the head.
- Hang your head down and brush from upward to downward position.

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