Tips for Cleaning Hair Brushes

It is strange how many women don’t give much thought to cleaning their hair brushes.
They spend a lot of time styling their hair but they somehow fail to notice that hair brushes don’t take long for residue from hair care products to accumulate.
Having a clean hair brush will keep your hair cleaner longer. It’s quick and easy to always have a clean brush. Follow these simple tips.
- The first thing you should do is to remove hair from the brush. You can use a wide-tooth comb for this.
- Fill the sink with warm water.
- Add a small amount of shampoo.
- Immerse the brush in the water.
- Use an old toothbrush to remove residue from the hairbrush. Clean your brush gently so bristles/tines don’t break off.
- Rinse it in cool water.
- Let it air dry.
Do this process at least once a week to keep your hair clean and beautiful.

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