Cold Climate Hair Care

Cold weather makes hair very brittle and can cause dryness. The effect on the hair is just as if you were to climb into a refrigerator and cool your hair down extremely quickly - it leaves it weakened and vulnerable to damage. Low temperatures can also cause static or flyaway hair and this is a particular problem for fine hair types, especially those with poker-straight hair. Many people tend to rough-dry their hair, leaving it slightly damp, and simply tie it back before going outside - a definite no-no for hair in the cold. Keep your hair well conditioned if you are spending time in low temperatures and, whenever possible, wear a hat to keep your hair from exposure to the cold.
Fine hair
Use a gentle, everyday shampoo and a light, leave-in conditioner to keep the ends of your hair protected. In extremely low temperatures, always use a heat- protection spray before styling, and work some serum sparingly through the ends of the hair after blow-drying to seal the hair shaft and lock the moisture in. If you find your hair becomes static, spray a little hairspray onto your brush and smooth down the flyaway hair.
Curly hair
A good conditioning treatment after shampooing your hair helps to keep your tresses shiny and well conditioned. Again, a heat-protection spray is a must, plus serum after blow-drying to keep the hair hydrated.
Frizzy hair
This tends to be much drier than other hair types. Use a leave-in conditioner after shampooing and take a deep-moisturizing mask with you on holiday to give the hair an intensive treatment at least twice a week. A heat-protection spray and hair serum will keep the moisture locked into your tresses and keep the elements out.

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