Hair Care in Humid climate

Whatever your hair type, your hair swells and expands when it's wet and behaves in the same way in a humid climate, where the air is full of moisture. Humidity will make hair fluffy and, if it's prone to curling, it will cause frizziness. All hair types will benefit from a pre-holiday conditioning treatment in the salon to nourish the hair shafts and seal the cuticles. Preventing excess moisture from entering the hair shaft in a humid climate is key.

Hair Care for Fine hair in Humid climate

This tends to get weighed down by the moisture in the air and looks flat and limp. Just as with other hair types, you need to block out the humidity if you can. A pre-holiday salon treatment will help to reduce split ends and close the cuticles that allow water to enter the hair shaft. Use a light leave-in conditioner on your hair while you are away (apply it from mid-way down the length of your hair to the ends) and seal the ends of the hair after blow-drying with a serum.
Be careful not to use too much serum on fine hair - a blob the size of your thumbnail is more than enough, hairsprays are a great SOS option for a bad-hair day in humidity - they instantly hold down the cuticle of the hair and prevent moisture from entering the hair shaft.

Care for Curly and frizzy hair in Humid climate

Sealing the outside of your hair - the cuticle - is the only way you will minimize the candyfloss look while you are away. A pre-holiday deep-conditioning treatment is a must. Make sure you pack a creamy leave-in conditioner for your trip and use it religiously every morning. Using an anti-frizz serum will help bring unruly curls to heel. It coats the hair shaft with silicone, not only sealing the cuticle but also weighing the hair down a little.
If your hair is really frizzy, try working some serum through it while it is still wet before blow-drying. This should add some weight to the curls and seal the cuticles so that your hair does not absorb water, swell and frizz again as it dries. If you decide to go with the flow and make the most of your curls while you're away, mix gel and serum together in the palm of your hand and apply it throughout the hair to give the curls extra definition and shape.

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