Hair Care in Hot Dry Heat Climate

The sun can strip the hair of its natural oils and a dry heat will only intensify the problem. Just two weeks in the sun without protecting your hair can weaken hair cuticles, with peeling, breaking and split ends becoming a problem. A weakened cuticle leaves hair vulnerable to dehydration and the colour bleaches and fades. Sun exposure also encourages free radical activity in the hair shaft. The cells of the hair are damaged, as the free radicals cause premature ageing. Deep-conditioning treatments are vital before travelling to a hot climate especially for chemically treated hair. However, the only way to protect your hair 100 per cent from sun damage is to keep it out of the sun - a hat is the best option.

Pack a gentle daily shampoo and a light leave-in conditioner with UV protection. A sun-protection spray that contains a UV filter will help screen the hair from the sun and sea water if you are sunbathing on a beach. Reapply the spray through the hair after each dip in the sea.
Curly hair
Pack a gentle moisturizing shampoo to cleanse your hair daily, plus a creamy leave-in conditioner to help guard against excess dryness. If you are sunbathing, apply a sun-protection spray or oil that contains a UV filter to reduce sun damage to the hair, and reapply it regularly, just as you would suntan lotion to your face and body. Apply a good nourishing hair mask for beautiful hair.
Frizzy hair
Your hair tends to be dry anyway and needs extra care in dry heat. As before, use a sun-protection spray or oil on your hair during the day and make sure you apply a rich leave-in conditioner with UV protection to your hair each morning before going out in the sun. Apply a hair mask to your hair at least every other day during your holiday - you can leave it on overnight for an intensive treatment if your hair becomes very dry in the heat.

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