Ten Hair Brushing Tips

1. Do not use brushes with broken or damaged bristles or quills. Using such brushes can tear and snag your hair as well as scratch your scalp.
2. Brush your hair in the morning and before going to bed. You should also do it before shampooing to get rid of tangles, dead skin cells and dirt.
3. If your hair is really tangled or backcombed, you first need to loosen up any knots. You can do this by using a wide toothed comb.
4. You can pull and tug your hair with over-zealous strokes. So, always brush gently.
5. Wet hair should not be brushed. Use a wide toothed comb to untangle. Go from the ends up towards the roots.
6. Ignore the suggestion of 100 brush strokes every day. This can lead to a few problems: promote breakage and split ends, cause stress to the hair and over stimulate the production of sebum, making hair greasy.
7.  Normal brushing can give hair a luminous, glossy shine. When you brush your hair, the cuticles lie flat, therefore reflecting more light. As a result, enhanced shine is created. 
8. Sebum oil is a hair’s natural conditioner. Brushing spreads it down the hair shaft to make hair glossy.
9. Brushing stimulates the blood flow to the hair follicles improving healthy growth.
10. You must keep your brushes clean. Wash them on a regular basis in hot soapy water.

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