Wedge Haircu

Wedge Haircut
The classic wedge short haircut, became very popular in the year 1976 as champion skater Dorothy Hamill sported this cut when she won the Olympic Gold Medal at the age of 19. This signature look of Dorothy Hamill then became very popular as women all over the world started wearing this haircut. Even today, wedge hairecut style are very popular and give a trendy look. Here are the steps for cutting wedge haircuts for women.

houw to ged haircut

wedeg haireks are a bit difficult to cut, and this hair cut shouldn't be attempted if you don't have experience in hair cutting.

  • For cutting your hair into a classic wedge haircut look, leave half inch perimeter of the front section of your hair. This way you can shape this hair section style into a wedge haircut with bangs shape.
  • You can go for the assic bangs look of Dorothy Hamill by parting your hair in the middle and then cutting your front hair into equal leveled bangs on both sides of the parting.
  • Alternatively you can accompany wedge haircut styles and ideas with side sweeping bangs, or a blunt Cleopatra style bangs. The side sweeping bangs will give a stylish and sexy look. The blunt bangs will give a bold look and is a good idea for women who have a large forehead.
  • Now to cut your hair into the wedge bob look, cut the outline of the bottom edge of the hair cut as desired. Do this by working first from back to front on the right section of your hair, then on the left section.
  • Then comb your hair straight with a central parting. Now you need to hold the back hair section at a 90 degree angle and cut the hair towards an inner angle. Do this by working first on the longest length of the hair at the top, and then to the shortest at the bottom. This way work on the side haire section
  • After you are done with the cut, cross check the hair cut by combing out sections horizontally. This way check the mismatched lengths, snip off the hair which are not cut in the proper angle.

To style your hair everyday follow these instructions.
  • Shampoo your hair, or use a water spray nozzle to wet your hair.
  • Then towel dry your hair, so that the hair is damp and not wet.
  • Use a hair straightening balm for hair care, and apply it from scalp to the ends of the hair.
  • Now use a blow dryer till almost 70% of the moisture is removed.
  • Then section your hair and secure the sections using hair clips. Work your way from the back hair by smoothing them against your scalp. Then work on your front hair, and take care not to build too much volume.
  • Finish using a straightening iron to flatten any texture and to minimize volume of the hair.
  • Then to set your haircut in place, using a spray mist.
To maintain your wedge haircut, visit your stylist every six to eight weeks. Listed above were the tips to cut the . Another style of this cut is the long wedge haircut, which is similar to the graduated bob haircut except the hair edges on the sides are cut more blunt. To get this haircut, describe to your stylist the exact style of the cut you want to go for and the style of bangs.

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