Primer on Men’s Ties

Men’s ties in one form or another have been around for over 2000 years. In the United States, more than one billion dollars are spent on over one hundred million men is tis each year! Almost every man has worn a tie at some time in his life, and may even wear one every day of the week. A tie can be a status symbol, a sign of good style, or the icing on the cake of a great outfit Picking a great men’s tie to complement your look isn’t always easy, however. The following tips will help you use men’s ties to make a big impact.
There are as many styles of men’s ties as there are men who wear them. From solid to patterned, subtle to loud, conservative to wild, and modest to extravagant, everyone can find the right tie to reflect his personal sense of style. The occasion will dictate your choice to some extent, but there is always room for personal embellishment. Events that require more understated dress, such as political and religious functions, call for conservative classic ties, such as solid blue. However, the choice of fabric is yours. To spice up a basic tie, opt for a luxurious fabric, such as silk or satin. Fun dinners and parties leave more room for colored and patterned ties. Consider dots, stripes, or other bold patterns. Bright stripes in mixes of red, blue, and green, are in at the moment.
A bold tie can go a long way in amping up the impact of an outfit. For instance, a very hot and assertive ensemble for nighttime events is a black suit, black shirt, and fiery red silk or satin tie. An all-white suits
and shirts are offset gorgeously with a red or black ties. Sheeny gray can add a dashing touch of refinement and modernity. Try out unusual colors for spring, such as grass green or punch pink, with light colored work Out-of-the-ordinary men’s ties can have a real dazzle.
Whatever you do, make sure to tie your ties correctly. A badly-tied ties are as distracting and unrefined as socks bunched around your ankles or pants that are too short. A crooked tie can absolutely ruin an otherwise perfect outfit. It’s right below your face, so everyone will notice it, for better or for worse. You can find thorough instructions on the Internet for tying a variety of knots. Unless you are going for a particular look, avoid very wide or narrow ties. The classic width is generally most flattering.
Bow Ties
Bow ties are appropriate at “black tie” and formal functions. The above guidelines for style, color, and form apply to both neckties and bow ties. Avoid overly large or small
Choosing a good tie is rather simple, but choosing a great tie requires a little more effort. Going beyond the basics and experimenting with interesting styles of men’s ties and colors is an affordable and relatively easy way to add some spice to your wardrobe

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