Katherine Heigl with New Short Hairstyle

Last week Katherine Heigl has unveiled another hair style. She is debuting a super-short platinum do.
There's been many different reviews about her new look – some say she looks like Hillary Clinton, while others love the soft new style. Those who do not like it, say that it makes her look much older.
It is obvious now that there is a new trend among A-listers. After Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Winslet, Katherine Heigl also chopped off her long locks.
However, there is a rumor that Heigl's new hairstyle is for a role and that she didn't lop her hair to just follow the latest trend.
Anyway, her hair has always been shoulder length or longer, so this is a drastic change. What I noticed is that the 32 year-old actress looks comfortable and confident with the shorter haircut.

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