Greasy Hair Causes, Tips and Remedies

Greasy hair is a real problem for some people. This type of hair is difficult to control and does not hold a hairstyle well, even within a few hours of shampooing. Greasy hair looks oily, lifeless, lank and dull.
The main cause of greasy hair is an over production of oil from over active sebaceous glands. Each hair has this gland which lies under the skin in you scalp. This over production is stimulated by hormones called androgens.
Other causes of greasy hair are mainly due to the over-stimulation of sebaceous glands. This can be washing your hair too often, vigorous scrubbing of the hair and scalp while washing, vigorous hair brushing, touching your hair, etc.
Two more causes include the product build-up at the roots and your diet. And let’s not forget everyday environmental pollutants. It is also believed that the cause of greasy hair is hereditary.
Tips for Dealing with Greasy Hair
- Do not use harsh shampoos. Use a special shampoo for oily hair, which is mild enough to be used often.
- After rinsing shampoo thoroughly, finish with cold water.
- Use a conditioner formulated for greasy hair. Apply conditioner to the mid and ends of your hair, but avoid the roots.
- Do not brush your hair too frequently and too vigorously.
- Do not use a moisturizing shampoo.
- If you use a hairdryer, don’t let it get too hot. The heat can stimulate more oil production.
Two Home Remedies for Greasy Hair
1. After washing your hair, apply a can of beer while the hair is still wet. Massage your hair with fingertips. Rinse with water. Use this remedy sporadically.
2. Mix equal parts of mouthwash and witch hazel. Apply the mixture with cotton wool on the scalp only because it can damage hair.

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