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Here’s some hot pictures of supermodel babe Alessandra Ambrosio in her skimpy bikini. She’s still looking pretty fit even after just having a baby a few months ago.

Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio bikini
Alessandra Ambrosio

We are at a loss for words! Shauna Sands decides to give us some nipple slip and upskirts pictures in one shot, and that’s all we can say about this post.

Shauna Sand nipple slip picture Shauna Sand nipple slip
Shauna Sand upskirt picture
There’s not really much of a story behind these pictures, but here is Kim Kardashian in a red bikini along with her sister:
Kim Kardashian bikini

Kim Kardashian in red bikini

Kim Kardashian
March 19, 2008

There’s not much of a story behind these pictures of Hilary Duff, but Hilary Duff in a miniskirt and fishnet stocks will always get our readers attention so here they are:

Hilary Duff pictureHilary Duff miniskirt
The identity and photos of Governor Spitzer’s prostitute, call girl, hooker, or whatever you want to call her are online. Even a link to her MySpace page has been released. Don’t be surprised if a book is already in the works. Here is her Myspace page and images of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, aka Kristen:

Kristen aka Ashley Alexandra DupreAshley Alexandra DuprePicture of Governor Spitzer's Prostitute
Ashley Alexandra Dupre
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