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  • zeus2000
    04-07 02:18 AM
    Hi, I have a few questions about H-1B and switching to B1/2 status. I was recently laid off, and have an effective termination date of Apr 27. My firm also told me that they typically notify USCIS of this on May 15th. I am currently looking for a new job, but want to also plan in case I don't find one. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read these questions and help me out with them.

    1. If I find a new job before May (or May 15th), can I start working the moment the new employer files a petition? Do we have to wait for any notification from USCIS (like a receipt) first? If not, can I work the same date as the postmark date of the filing?
    2. In the above case, does my employer still have to file an LCA with DoL? If so, how long does this process take? I guess what I'm trying to wonder is, if I accept an offer and they begin paperwork on Day 1, what day can I actually work?

    3. If I do not find a job, when should I file an I-539 to change status to B1/2 (does it matter if B1 or B2?)? I guess what "postmark" date should I do this by? Apr 27? May 15th?
    4. After I mail in the change of status, but haven't actually changed yet (I hear this can take 2 months?), and I get a job offer, when can I start working? Do I lose my "instant-work" ability, and have to wait for the H1-B petition to clear? Is this when I want to use Premium Processing and hopefully be ready in 2 weeks? What happens to my pending B1/2 application?
    5. If I already received my B1/2 change of status, and now find a job, when can I work? Is this the same as Question 4?
    6. I understand that I am no longer subject to the cap, so my employer simply has to file a LCA and a petition for H1-B, in general?

    7. In the I-539 form, it asks to mail in my I-94 card (original). Until I get a new one, what status am I in? If I end up leaving the country then, what card do I surrender? It feels weird to not have a I-94 on my passport...
    8. The I-539 form seems simple enough to fill out. Any thoughts on whether I need a lawyer for this?
    9. Did I forget anything? :confused:

    Thanks so much again. I look forward to your helpful replies.

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  • sgupta33
    08-28 05:12 PM

    The dept. of labor uses two types of codes, one of which is the SOC code. Yours may be a SOC code (Standard Occupational Classification) or the other one (name I can't remember). If you look at and search for articles on AC21, you'll find information on the two types of codes the DOL uses. The go to the DOL website and do a search for the two types of occupational codes and see which classification system your code matches. Once you access the classification, just look for your number and it should give you a brief description. I did this for my code.

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  • piyu7444
    05-05 11:27 PM
    Employer can revoke 140 but as 180 days have passed you will have to demonstrate to USCIS that your 140 would have been approved with the new company if it was filed. That is somewhat not very straightforward so my suggestion is that you should take your employer in confidence so that 140 is not revoked......

    AC21 - Job title can be different but job duties have to be similar. Similar duties are a MUST to avoid any issues with AOS.......also you dont have to inform USCIS that you changed your employer........there are pros and cons of it but what I have seen is that most people do not infrom USCIS......when USCIS comes to a point that they will adjust your status they might check with you if you are working with same employer and issue a RFE which you can respond to easily with the help of an attorney (just hv to make sure that job duties are similar and the new employer will issue you a letter which will prove it)

    Make sure that you talk to HR and your manager if you take up a new job to acertain that job duties match, run both job descriptions by your attorney......better to take precaution than to be sorry.

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  • ssdtm
    05-14 06:10 PM
    Lets not generalize it. Everyone is different.


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  • happy2006
    05-20 08:32 PM
    We are filing through our lawyer, do we need to give a reason for why we are expediting the process when filing to INS?

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  • sam12sa
    12-18 04:06 PM

    I am transferring my H1 to a firm on full time basis(not consulting company, product based). Currently I am on a project with A and I am going to transfer my H1 to B (which is 6 yrs old, american based company). I have pay slips from past 4 months, and I was on bench for 2 months where I didnt get my pasylips. For transfer I gave my past 4 months pay slips.

    I have 2 questions here.

    1) With company A, my LCA was not accurate. My LCA was of NY state & I am working in NJ.
    Will this create any issue for my H1 transfer with company B which is VA and they have got the approved LCA.

    2) Will there be any issue with my 2 months pay slips (which are of July & Aug). Right now I have submitted my H1 transfer with past 4 months payslips (Sep,Oct, Nov & Dec).

    Please advice, I will really appreciate your suggestions on this ASAP.



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  • Sushana
    01-15 11:47 AM
    To the best of my knowledge and what I have heard from our international office and immigration lawyers: Once you are counted (Baptised!!!), you do not need to worry about cap-subject ceiling.

    For making it doubly sure, always check with recruiting firm's lawyers and your non-profit company's lawyers. They will be doing the paper work. If confusions previal, you can give advise, counsel or consult attorney.

    My guess is: this is well known fact and may not need attorney. See what others say.
    Thanks M for your timely reply. It is helpful to know that I don't have to again go through the "H1-B lottery" for 2008-09

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  • wisley
    11-10 08:59 PM
    to be frank with you guys my friend have a good bank statment and business in his own country he wanna apply for a tourist visa and i recomended for him to have a hotels .... flight reservation but i am still confused about the purpose of the visit actually its not about the purpose its about his chance to get a visa he never been in the US never apply for a visa , dont have any relatives in the US he wanna try his chances to get a visa only ?????

    thats all , any insight :confused:


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  • ppt.b
    07-15 11:19 AM
    I am in

    July tends to be a busy month for my husband at work because of deadlines on august 1 (even on weekends). However, we will try to make it if we can, definitely in august.

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  • chanduv23
    07-27 11:07 AM
    LAMP - Calgary. Also, some financial analysts are predicting that the $CDN will actually be worth *more* than the $US by the end of 2007.

    By then, US GC will become easy and everyone will run towards Canada


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  • Sladha
    03-24 04:05 PM
    What is the way to get out of this?
    inadmissible under ?212(a)(3)(B) of the INA
    I have never commited any crime here or abroad. Completely clean record.

    Can you pls advise what next steps should I take?
    Write to Dept of Homeland Security?

    Pls reply.

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  • nath.exists
    11-02 11:26 AM
    Hi Tharu,
    I am in the same boat as you. i.e. My wife's place of birth is a country where the visa numbers are still available . I am trying cross chargeability. She is still not in USA yet. we both can exchange info. if you would like.Thanks.


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  • HalfDog
    03-26 12:52 PM
    Not sure, I have alot of pencils with different materials and shades and I normally just pick some at random when I draw. lol, but it probally was. I also got some ruler looking thing which I just recently figured out was for shading. :)

    Pencils and graphite are synonymous. 2B 2H 6B blah blah

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  • cinqsit
    06-24 07:36 PM
    You can extend apply for AP (Advance Parole) ;-) at anytime provided you have your 485 pending so there should be no "risks"

    only risk i see is that what if you have to travel and for some reason your H1 stamping gets delayed (if you have a AP you will be safe there)

    Also their processing times keep on fluctuating - what if you later down the road are
    in need of AP apply for one and then dont get it approved by the time you want to travel

    Personally I prefer to just keep things simple and apply for AP renewals even though
    I wont use them - just so that there is no "divergence" from the norm
    Just so when USCIS officer is processing your case they wont have to think or
    issue query to get clarification etc etc



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  • meridiani.planum
    12-18 11:57 PM
    Q) What happens to the pending AoS application if I switch jobs from current employer to a different employer on H-1B.?
    If you satisfy all conditions of AC-21, then nothing happens to your AOS:
    - your i-140 is approved
    - 180 days have passed since your filing of 485
    - new jobs is same/similar to old one

    Q) What happens to my pending AoS if I switch job with different responsibilites on H-1B?
    Assuming rest of AC-21 requirements are met, if hte new job is not deemed similar to old one by USCIS when they adjudicate your 485, it can result in a denial.

    Q) 180 day rule of AC21 portability is applicable as of the receipt data or notice date?

    receipt date

    Q) Do I need to file AC21 if working for the same employer in a different position?

    typically no. Note that the new position cannot be too differnet from your LC one.

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  • my2239
    04-18 09:19 AM
    Hi ,
    my experience with O visa is that paperwork, presentation, previous track record of the lawyer with USCIS is critical

    so in this case, absorbing the 5000 cost difference may be a good idea

    Of course you can always ask your employer if they are willing to take that hit but as you know you have a 50 % chance there at the best

    So decision is yours


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  • glus
    01-02 10:54 AM

    Always look at last action taken by the USCIS. If USCIS approved your H-1B for employer D, and attached I-94, that means that as long as you are working for employer D at this time and at the time you extend and re-stamp your H-1b visa, there should be no problem. Make sure you take W-2s and Tax returns from previous years you were in H-1B status when you go for a new Visa Stamp.


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  • adhantari
    06-16 03:47 PM
    6 to 1...... maybe L1 guys don't visit this forum since they already got thier GCs....:rolleyes:
    H1 loosers still hanging here.....

    regarding L1s looks true....... looking at poll results so far.... c'mon L1s.... vote now.....

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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-01 09:08 PM
    I posted this question on another thread but its on page 38-39, so thought I might post as a new thread so that I can get some answer to my concerns...

    I renewed my EAD thru e-filing. Everything was ok but the address to send the Confirmation Receipt is TSC. My initial I-485 is at NSC. My address did not change anytime from the time I applied I-485.

    I entered the correct info in question 11..which was:

    Have you ever before applied for employment auth. form USCIS?
    X Yes(if yes, continue below)
    I checked yes

    which USCIS office?

    My answer:

    LINCOLN, NE date: 08/14/2007

    Should I be worried about this or can I just feel its okay?

    Is this something okay?

    Please let me know....Thanks.

    07-26 08:31 PM
    I agree with the post above.

    I think the best option he has is to speak with the CBP officer at the port of entry and explain him the situation: that he wanted to use automatic visa revalidation and by mistake he surrendered I 94. Hopefully he will issue a new I 94 for him. But more likely he will ask him to go to the consulate and get the new stamp.

    What he should NOT do is: to enter on the attached I 94 on H1 visa extension approval (the reason is technical: usually the I 94 that comes attached with change of status has the SAME number as your old I 94 attached to passport; so for practical pusposes, he has surrender both his I 94s). If he now enters with the I94 attached with H1 approval, (and as that is already cancelled when he surrendered other I 94), he will be considered present illegally. This would have much worse consequencies than to wait in Torronto and get the visa stamped.

    Good Luck.

    10-23 02:47 PM
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