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  • snathan
    06-09 10:13 PM

    I have a friend that has a BS in Computer Engineering, and a MS in Electrical Engineering.
    Can you guys give me sample job description that will qualify for EB2. He has 3 years of experience but that was acquired before obtaining the degrees.

    Company is really flexible with job description.

    Thanks in advance.

    Are you the mouth piece for your friend...?

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  • ho_gaya_kaya_?
    11-19 11:26 AM
    I got my receipts last weekend

    It was some what similar story for me.
    I my case my wife's app and mine got separated-
    Mine got rejected on grounds of incorrect fees (there was a single check)
    my wifes app turned up after a month or so
    we refiled and got the receipts

    I am now trying to find out what to expect for EAD and AP
    I wonder if special handling cases get a better turnaround

    Keep me posted with what happens with you- and maybe we can start to geta n ide as to what to expect next

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  • just_waiting
    01-04 09:50 AM

    Immigrants a Driving Force Behind Start-Ups, Study Says
    Tech Industry Clamors to Get More Visas for Foreign Workers

    By Krissah Williams
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, January 4, 2007; Page D05

    About 25 percent of the technology and engineering companies launched in the past decade had at least one foreign-born founder, according to a study released yesterday that throws new information into the debate over foreign workers who arrive in the United States on specialty visas.

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  • rvr_jcop
    02-18 10:29 PM
    i have a question whether to use EAD or H1B? Initiallly i re-entered into usa after finishing my first 6yr term of H1B in June 05 on H1b. Later changed employer. New employer filed my GC using existing labor (EB3) in 2006 and also filed for i-140 & i-485 in oct 2007. so the transferred h1b is expiring on 06/2009. my ead expired in Oct 2008. I am thinking of renewing EAD than H1b which i am planning to file in this month (Feb, 2009).

    1. If i go back to India in Mar 09 - Can I come back using EAD (Once its approved and someone sends my EAD & AP to India) as i haven't used EAD?
    2. my transfered H1b is expiring on Jun 09 and i don't want to go to Madras to stamp the transfered company's visa on my passport as i doubt to get it - the Consulate might ask me so many questions when its expiring in june why you want to go to usa for 3 or 4 months.
    3. The best bet - do i need to wait for my renewal of EAD & AP and then leave?

    Please let me know as my travel plans are dependent on this.

    thanks and appreciate your prompt response

    thank you.

    I would go with 3. Wait here until AP approved and then leave the country. I didnt hear good experiences with mailing AP out of country.


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  • invincibleasian
    01-12 07:46 PM
    Remember its your responsibility to turn in I94s. No one is going to ask you these when you depart the US. Submitting the i94s and using the us visit system enable correct traclking of your entry/departures. Read the instructions on the 1797 it tells you clearly what you need to do.

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  • chanduv23
    03-14 06:02 PM
    IV Members from Nebraska,

    I think it is time we started our own chapter in NE and get the action going. Members from Nebraska, please respond.

    Way to go jnraajan - keep your spirits high, the chapter will evolve.


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  • amitkhare77
    03-03 08:53 PM
    wow - you look really scared. I dont see anything wrong sending them an email. as long as you write correct passport number, VFS receipt number, you should be good. you not doing any crime by asking. they wont care if it is written in english or local language just because your mom can't speak english.
    again - I see nothing wrong calling them/sending an email. after all it's your monthr's passport. as per rule they should get back to you in specified time.

    The above is my personal opinion, make your own judgement.

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  • SertTurk
    12-30 01:18 AM

    My question is about getting the visa after 6 years. I know that you can apply for 1 year extentions each year until your case is closed. We have applied and were approved. Our attorney said we had 2 choices to get the VISA issued.Either we go to our country and get it or we can go to Bahamas for a day and get it. Apperently, Bahamas and US has an agreement and they do it very quick.

    What happens if we do not get the VISA stamp on our passports? I mean we are working and do not want to leave the country,dowe still have to get the actual VISA? Do we have a problem next year when we apply for extention if we do not get the visa stampped this year?


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  • Green.Tech
    07-18 03:38 PM
    Premium processing for 140 has been suspended until July 31, 2007.

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  • alterego
    12-03 12:23 AM
    Yeah but why LUDs on a Sunday?

    Lots of weird stuff. Perhaps something automated.


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  • WaitingYaar
    01-09 09:39 AM
    Thanks for the info. Any thoughts on under what scenarios they issue request for an interview. And does this means that the case is further delayed, or they randomly pick cases for interview.

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  • copsmart
    11-24 05:35 PM

    I am really worried.

    Do you think an infopass appointment would help?
    Please throw some ideas.


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  • cnag
    10-13 08:41 AM
    Folks, I have received a notice from USCIS stating the following:

    The above application or petition has been received.

    Your application was received without the necessary fingerprint fee.

    Under 8CFR 103.2(e), this fee of $70.00 must be submited along with the filing fee fot the application/petition. If this office has not recieced the fee within 87 days, your application will be considered to be abandoned under ...

    Is there any one else in the same boat? What are my options here?

    I too received a similar notice. My employer replied by submitting proof of the paid checks. Meanwhile, I received my receipt notice that shows $395 received. I have also received the FP notice and the same was completed yesterday. Customer service was not of much help.

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  • ashwaghoshk
    10-24 02:06 PM
    A receipt of notice is generated immediately. As soon as your application reaches the USCIS ofice they generate the receipt of notice and post mail it to the attorney. It takes 2-3 days for the mail to reach your attorney so we can assume that the total time to get the receipt of notice from the day it was filed should not be greater than 4-5 days.


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  • nlssubbu
    03-22 01:34 PM
    Thanks guys for reading such a big article and taking time to know against whom we are really fighting for. I hope every one read this article and know the people behind the scene, their intentions, the power and clout they have.

    This may help all of us to be united to fight against such powers leaving all our diferences for a good cause, which is a herculian task.

    I only hope all members of IV stand united to achieve success.

    Good luck and all the best,


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  • rajuram
    10-10 09:53 PM

    This is question to july 485 files, has anyone from Austin, tx received FP appointment.
    I filed on jul 25 ( NSC) got transferred to TSC and got receipts on 9/27
    and EAD on 10/2, but no FP as yet.

    Just wondering if FP did get lost...or am i in line..

    Comments, suggestions ???


    I know someone in Austin whose RN date is 2 days before you and he got his FP last week.....


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  • glus
    10-21 06:53 AM
    Certain felonies make a person inadmissible, which means no Green Card may be issued for such a person for either 15 years of indefinitely. You need to be more specific. Crimes of moral turpitude are inclusive. There are some limited waivers for some, but not all grounds of inadmissibility.

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  • softman
    07-21 11:08 AM
    Hi Softman,

    I am in the similar situation too. I don't have my Labor approval copy and I changed my job using AC21. Now I am trying to change my attorney since my ex employee's attorney will not talk to me and all the RFEs will still go to him unless I file a G-28 form. But all the attorneys I talked to is asking for that LCA form from my previous employer.
    My question to you is are you able to find an attorney to represent you since you changed the job?..
    Inthehole, can you be little bit elaborate, what job code you filled in AC21, how did you know that if you don’t have your Labor copy.

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  • webm
    09-20 11:29 AM
    If you have the valid H1b stamped while your 485 is pending and got RN,FP done,you should not have any issues in POE.So are you done with your FP?? Its always safe you wait for FP and finish it and then decide your travel plans.


    01-13 12:01 PM

    08-30 05:36 PM
    Thanks mhathi for your response.

    How long ( no of days) does the USCIS California center takes to decide the case for Fresh H1( F1- H1) RFE after requested documents were submitted before deadline under premium processing category.

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