Kick a FRESH corpse, why don'tcha? Stories of Amy Winehouse's death.

Publications: People, National Enquirer, Star, Us Weekly, In Touch, OK!
Date: 8 August 2011

Fresh trash on Thursdays! Amy Winehouse was a fixture in the British tabloids, but she was barely noticed in recent years on this side of the Atlantic until she died last week. Now there are six cover stories about her. Here are the headlines.
  • OK!: Amy Winehouse's tragic death
    Her Last Interview (Exclusive)
  • Us Weekly: Amy Winehouse - Her Lonely Last Days
  • In Touch: Amy Winehouse - Her Final Interview
  • Star: Amy Winehouse - Fight before fatal drug binge
  • People: Amy Winehouse dead at 27
    Talent and Tragedy
    Her Final Days
    The singer's anguished life and why those who loved her could not prevent her tragic death
    "It was only a matter of time", said her mom
  • National Enquirer: Amy Winehouse was pregnant when she died!
Stay classy, Enquirer!

Best wishes to the family and friends of Amy Winehouse, from a fan.

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