Fashion In Film Friday - 'The Seven Year Itch'

Who doesn't remember the classic 1955 film...'The Seven Year Itch' starring Marilyn Monroe & Tom Ewell about a married man who was becoming disinterested with his marriage and entertains the idea of straying outside of it?  'The Seven Year Itch' is a term that has been used by psychologists for decades to define the decline of monogamous relationships after seven years.  The movie was nearly prohibited from being released due to the sensitive nature of the story line that proposed the idea of adultery. Weren't those the good old days when 'less was more'?
This is the flick that made the white halter dress and Marilyn a sensation.  The infamous photograph of her standing on the air vent while her dress was being blown to reveal her undergarments is still one of the most recognizable even fifty years later.  The dress just like Marilyn, is a timeless icon.  The man behind the dress making was a much sought after designer of that time, William Travilla.  It was said that his best work was the white halter dress he put together for Monroe.  The flattering a-line skirt, the deep v-neckline bodice and the lightweight fabric he selected for the ease of movement was simply beautiful.  He chose the color white because it's associated with innocence.  After the filming was over Marilyn was quoted as stating ... "Billy Dear, please dress me forever.  I love you, Marilyn."
This vintage dress was popular fifty years ago and I'm sure it will be just as popular fifty years from now as to this day, women are still in search of the perfect 'Marilyn Monroe style dress' just like the one she wore in 'The Seven Year Itch'... 

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