Amy Winehouse body taken away from her London home

After an intricate evaluation of the scene of death had been fulfilled, Amy Winehouse's body was removed from her home in Camden Town, London, UK on Saturday evening.
Wrapped in a maroon bodybag, the late "Rehab" singer was loaded into an ambulance to be transported to a local medical facility in research of an autopsy scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 24th.
Among those on the scene aside from medical personnel and law enforcement were Miss Winehouse's most recent beau, Reg Traviss, who was seen departing the scene in the midst of the inquiry.
Also on the grounds was Amy's bodyguard, with news telling that he was taken into custody for questioning - though all current details indicate that foul play has been ruled out as a probable cause of death.
Truly heartbreaking reports, Winehouse's father, Mitch, has flown back to the UK to be with the family during these tragic times - as he was situated in NYC while preparing for a performance at the Blue Note jazz club on Monday (which has since been canceled).
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