Adrianne Curry's Topless Sunbathing Session

She's just months removed from separating from husband Christopher Knight, and Adrianne Curry seems to be enjoying life as a lone lady to the fullest.
The 28-year-old model took to Twitter over the weekend to show off her assets - as she posted two topless tanning shots on the social messaging site on Sunday.
First offering up a solo pic, Miss Curry wrote, "topless tanning taken with my friend respect." She later posted a picture of herself beside her also-topless gal pal, as she wrote, "topless tanning on mt roofdeck with my friend honor."
Prior to the sun-soaking session, Miss Curry spent Saturday joining the millions hitting the theaters for the "Harry Potter" finale.
Upon cinema end, the brunette beauty offered her opinion, as she tweeted, "Potter review...I cried..a lot. it was touching...they left too much cool sh*t out though.. EPIC battles like Weasley LaStrange? 2 seconds!"

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