Venus & Serena Williams...Fashionable On The Court?

Anyone who follows the sport of Tennis, knows very well who sisters Venus & Serena Williams are.  Both being professional tennis players formerly in the #1 ranking.  Besides being on top of their game in tennis, both of the Williams sisters have redefined the idea of sports wear and have found a way to mix fashion with athletics.
Last year, Venus definitely had heads turning on the court when she turned up wearing her own racy lingerie inspired tennis dress that what a spaghetti strapped, corset bodice, laced trim flouncy concoction.   I'm not too sure this would be considered a favorable sporty fashion fave amongst her racket swinging peers!  I'm not quite sure that 'sexy' is the word I'd use to describe this designer mishap?!  
Sister Serena Williams obviously opts for the gladiator/Xena warrior queen look as she was seen wearing this custom made black get up complete with knee boots? That just looks 'HOT' to me and not in a good way, but literally! 
I respect their desire to try to incorporate high fashion into their daily sports attire but in this instance, I think the traditional 'white'  on the court is most eye appealing and uniformly appropriate.  

Or even this school girl'ish inspired pink mini skirt number seen worn by Serena at the U.S. Open in 2007...

Venus Williams recently stated she's going to be 'trending towards simplicity' with her fashion choices on the court...and that comment from her was before she decided to wear this!...  If they could both just do away with the missing undergarments look to their outfits, they might be a bit more palatable...
Or maybe not!....What is your opinion? , , , , ,

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