Stevie Nicks...Renaissance Gypsy

Who doesn't absolutely adore Stevie Nicks and her free spirited persona that makes you wish you could muster up the moxie to pull off this style?  But of course, the question would arise.."Where in the heck would you wear something like this?"  Regardless, she makes us fantasize about being a rock star!...

Everyone knows her, originally as the front woman for the popular 70's band Fleetwood Mac, who then went on to entertain a successful solo career & everyone knows her for her signature style that usually consists of...'flowing dresses with long diaphanous sleeves, Victorian lace up boots and an accentuating shawl or cape, usually floor length. When you really think about it, she was Goth, before Goth was ever heard of!

She was subtly sexy and when asked about her fashion choices, was quoted in an interview as saying..."I have always looked at it like, people are always wondering what was under all of that in regards to my clothes, I think it's much more sexier than putting it all out there for everyone to see".  She was and still remains, modestly beautiful in her own way...

Designer Ralph Lauren's Fall 2010 show last year had Stevie wannabe's walking the runway as it was all about Gothic prairie dresses, fur tails and luxe gypsy accessories. His Stevie inspired collection was on the mark and rang true to the quote.."Imitation is the highest form of flattery" as Lauren definitely did the songstress proud in replicating her style.

Her style has become vintage timeless and is easy to incorporate into your own wardrobe.  Think anything loose, billowy, chiffon, platform, layers, feathers, hats & you will find your own renaissance gypsy style!


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