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  • nomorelogins
    04-21 10:46 AM
    are you getting paid more or lesser than in LC?
    are you getting paid as per your H1 labor?
    are you working in the same position as your LC is for?

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  • raydon
    06-25 08:15 PM
    Our visa stamp (H1B/H4) are expired in our passports. We are planning to travel via 'Frankfurt (FRA), Germany' to Mumbai in Lufthansa airlines and we will get our passport stamped in Mumbai. Does anyone have experience travelling via 'Frankfurt (FRA), Germany' without visa stamp in passport?
    I know that travlling via London has some difficulties but not sure about 'Frankfurt'.
    Please let me know.
    FYI..We have our EAD and I-485 is pending with approved I-140.

    Thanks for your help.

    You should not have any issues travelling via Frankfurt to India with an expired visa stamp. I've travelled as recently as last month with an expired visa stamp.Returning to the US with a visa stamp or using advanced parole should be fine.

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  • Star
    06-18 12:02 PM
    I am from Hauppauge, NY. I am wiling to dedicate some time to this cause.

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  • conundrum
    06-23 03:47 PM
    Isn't it high time we started a state chapter. I am from Cincinnati, and would gladly like to host a meeting so that we can get this going. :)


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  • bigboy007
    11-01 11:40 AM
    Hello i am running in to issues of how to get address changed. To give you guys previews. We were residing in Chicago till July ending. In August we moved to CT as my wife got a new job there. But since my work location is in IL , I requested my employer whether its possible to work remotely and its ok by law. He said u can change ur residential address and there is no need to amend LCa/H1b as there is no change in work location in my case. Fine for now.

    I recently visited CT DMV and requested for CT state license. They denied to me saying that i need a CT employer letter or My employer should issue letter to DMV stating my work location changed. Neither of these are going to happen. For now i have my license and Plate from IL itself. I can still continue to maintain but renewing Plates and Pollution test are pain being in CT any ideas please ?

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  • milestones
    12-08 11:26 PM
    Thanks for the reply Ramo. But my question seems to be partially answered. I do understand what you have stated.

    I have a degree that is equivalent to 4 years of education and is from the US.

    Can you give me more information around the question that can I file H1B as an IT consultant with a Bachelors degree in healthcare?


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  • mrdhoni
    08-29 10:47 AM
    PERM processing for non-audited cases is taking anywhere from 8-12 months these days. Assuming your case does not come under audit, then yes, with premium processing of I-140, you can expect both your Labor/I-140 being approved by Dec 2010 (assuming the 8-12 month PERM processing times still hold good)

    Thanks for the reply. If my labor/i-140 is approved by December 2010, can I continue to stay in US?

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  • pasa0202
    03-28 09:15 PM
    Its true... I am also in the same situation. My perm applied in Jan 2010 and H1B getting expired in Apr 2010, my company planning sending me to India to work from there. My attorney told me that once perm get approved then they can apply for I 140 even I am out of the country.
    And then apply H1 B ext. and can come back to US. Let see how it works.


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  • jonty_11
    07-27 10:37 AM
    if there was something IV core would have informed us and suggested action items..
    as of now concentrate on 2 action items

    - Sending Thankyou cards
    - Upload IV video on utube

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  • forgerator
    10-23 11:28 AM
    I was married in India as per Muslim law and currently both of us hold US citizenship. At the time of marriage we both were indian citizens. What kind of rights do my wife has on my property in India on our divorce (I bought these properties after my marriage and it is all registered under my name) ? In US, both husband and wife would share any property that we aquired after the marriage. Does the same true in India?

    Thanks for your help. I pray no one should go thru these type of issues in thier life.

    Well , the law states that the property accumulated after marriage has to be divided. Did you buy that property in India with money you accumulated in the US? Did you transfer that money from US to India? Was that money accumulated after marriage? If yes, then it will be divided as well. Of course it's best to check with lawyer first.


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  • Sachin_Stock
    12-17 02:55 PM
    Thanks for your reply. Nah,I didn't because I have read some where that post office doesn't forwarded the mails related to USCIS so I informed the tenants about the mail.

    Who told you that? Is there any official guideline?

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  • vijay1974
    09-11 01:14 PM
    Rally shoud emphasize that its not for increase in any H1B visa but to provide relief for people who are going through AOS to cut down the amount of time whole adjustment process takes.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-20 07:00 AM
    H1B Visa Lawyer Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    Effective January 21, 2010, the Department of Labor's iCERT online system will be updated to allow the submission of electronic prevailing wage determination requests. This electronic process will allow Employers and/or their Designated Representatives to submit and obtain prevailing wage determinations (PWD) for use in the H-1B, H-1B1 (Chile/Singapore), H-1C, H-2B, E-3 (Australia), and permanent labor certification programs through the iCERT portal.

    Until January 21, 2010, all prevailing wage determination requests must continue to be submitted by U.S. Mail or comparable physical delivery service to the Washington, D.C. address listed below.

    BACKGROUND - On December 19, 2008, the Department published a Final Rule addressing the Labor Certification Process and Enforcement for Temporary Employment in Occupations Other Than Agriculture or Registered Nursing in the United States (H-2B Workers), and Other Technical Changes. The Final Rule implemented a federalized process for obtaining PWD requests for use in the H-2B temporary nonagricultural labor certification program directly from the Employment and Training Administration's (ETA) appropriate National Processing Center (NPC)--which was designated as the Chicago NPC.

    Furthermore, effective as of January 1, 2010, the Final Rule also federalized PWD for use in the H-1B, H-1B1 (Chile/Singapore), H-1C, E-3 (Australia), and the permanent labor certification programs.

    Requestors must submit PWD requests using the Application for Prevailing Wage Determination, Form ETA-9141 (

    Requestors must submit PWD requests to the NPWHC by U.S. Mail or comparable physical delivery service at the following address until January 21, 2010 when electronic means are available:
    U.S. Department of Labor-ETA, National Prevailing Wage and Helpdesk Center,
    Attn: PWD Request:
    1341 G Street, NW
    Suite 201
    Washington, DC 20005-3142

    In summary, State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) and the Chicago NPC no longer accept and process PWD requests received on and after January 1, 2010. All PWD Requests submitted on and after 1/1/2010 must be centralized and processed at the DOL Washington, D.C. office until electronic means are available on January 21, 2010.

    More... (

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  • Dipzo
    05-19 04:14 PM

    I got a dream job offer and I have not yet applied for OPT. I have not graduated from school and that's why I applied for CPT.
    I just want to know can I work on CPT till my OPT arrives? Also would it be of concern to my employer that I am working on CPT as long as I am eligible to work legally full time? Is that something I should intimate my employer about before joining?
    I would appreciate if someone can reply really soon.

    Thanks a lot.


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  • desanar
    04-07 10:08 AM
    If you are reading this post, please share your experience or experience of others you have heard.

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  • buehler
    12-12 05:10 PM

    The last time I came back into this country, I used my AP as I didn't have my H1 stamped. My H1 is valid till 2010.

    My EAD expired last month and my bumbling lawyer did not send in the I-485 copy and hence there was an RFE. So I still do not have an EAD approval.

    Would it be safe to get paid this month or should I have my company process this month's salary after I get my EAD approved?



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  • lance21broke
    10-14 01:37 AM
    How could this happen? This is very unfair. So how do want to deal with it?

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  • eager_immi
    03-02 08:18 AM
    Many times you get 10 year visa that does not mean they can stay for 10 years. You never get to stay more than 6 months and under exceptional circumstances that is increased to a year.

    First of all, does US consulate give visa valid for 2 months? I know some countries do, especially if you are applying through SOTC like travel agents.

    Ok.. to answer your question: Your parents _must_ start within 2 months from the time 2-month Visa issued. In other words, your parents must travel before the expiry of Visa in the passport.

    Once they come here, how long can they stay _legally_ in USA depends on I-94 card. Typically I-94 card will be given with an expiry date, which I belive will not be _beyond_ expiry date of the Visa in the passport.

    Hope this helps!!

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  • rkg000
    05-23 12:16 PM
    Change your Job. If the job description and responsibilities are same then you have a sure shot at AC21. Choosing a good job is really worth the little effort of filing AC21.

    February 1st, 2006, 04:46 PM
    You'll always have very limited DOF in macro situations. That's why real macro lenses (ex. the Micro-Nikkors) are optimised to give good results even when stopped down a lot.

    07-02 10:51 PM
    My attorney is encouraging me to take part in the proposed AILF Class Action Lawsuit against the Government by submitting I-485 to USCIS knowing that its going to be rejected. Anyone decided on this? What are the pros and cons? If there is a favorable outcome, I-485 may be accepted at that time (months? / years?). But here is my big concern: if I am a part of that lawsuit, my 485 may be considerably delayed (my PD is Feb 2005) ! I am aware that IV is encouraging lawsuit too. Any comments?

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