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  • Saralayar
    12-12 05:18 PM

    Current Status: Case received and file gathering dust waiting for visa number.

    On MM DD, YYYY, we received this application and mailed you a document describing how we process it. But you do not need to bother. Our system is so screwed up that we did not know how many cases we had pending. We did not communicate with DOL and DOS properly; so we ended up causing the July Visa Bulletin fiasco, which actually screws up your case even more if you were not one of the lucky applicants to have actually obtained your GC. But your increased fees for EAD & AP renewals have afforded us new janitors, so we will try to keep your files dust free.

    P.S : If you are an advanced degree holder born in India. Hahahaha.


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  • ngopikrishnan
    04-04 09:37 PM
    Read this thread:

    FYI, my 8th thru 10th year H1B extension approval had the A# from I-140, not the one from I-485.

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  • sriwaitingforgc
    06-05 10:17 AM
    "Unless you *are* a US citizen, you must choose the second option."

    I think you have not read my question clearly. I suggest you read it before answering. I have not seen where the USCIS website asks for pending case numbers if we choose second option. I hope someone who has done this online can shed some light on this.


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  • RNGC
    02-06 11:51 AM
    Thanks for the posts guys...appreciate it.


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  • tinku01
    07-22 05:47 PM
    Hi, I need to get Police Clearace Certificate (PCC) from India at local police station. Anybody has any format of PCC I mean what they need to write in it.

    It's quite urgent ..please update ASAP

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  • kaisersose
    11-13 04:13 PM
    Thank you all for your valuable input. I have a follow up question :

    Will I be breaking any laws if I just do voluntary marketing and promotional work for my company in India.

    Here is the situation :

    My clients will be in USA and they will be paying my company in India. I will be on the board of the company , and will be doing voluntary marketing and promotional work for the company while residing in USA.

    Thank you for your time.

    Your H-1b must be sponsored by a US company. H-1b terms require you to gainfully work only for that employer. As long as your US tax returns do not show any other source of income and show you have been working fulltime for your sponsoring employer, you should be fine.

    They do not bother with foreign wages or what you do with your free time ( as long as it inot a second job).


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  • permfiling
    08-04 01:05 PM
    He can use AP to renter. USCIS would not have approved to give EAD if USCIS determined he was out of status in the first place.

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  • sayantan76
    05-31 09:04 PM
    A friend of mine just came from India. Works for a bodyshopper. He is transferring to L-1A so that he can file in EB-1 multinational manager. Is this possible? What are the minimum requirements for EB-1?

    If it is possible this guy will be laughing a year from now, gc in hand, while we all fume and fret over retrogression, labor, i-140 etc..
    My company has filed for EB-1 multinational manager for me.....I was on L1A earlier. I dont think the process is as fast as some folks think......specially since for EB1 manager category I140 premium processing is not allowed......

    I guess the requirement for L1A is that one should be managing a business, people and processes...... and should have been employed in managerial capacity for the same company outside US......once L1A is done (it takes 5-6 days under premium procesing) understanding is that it establishes a strong basis for EB1 filing


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  • ashkam
    03-25 08:17 AM
    How come they cannot consider my EAD, Official transcripts, Graduate status letter?
    Regarding Status letter, I have seen students applying like this and getting query later. What do you say about the students graduating in May (who files like me with OPT card and status letter) and applying for H1 in April?

    You can postpone your graduation but you need to have completed all your credit hours and thesis work if any before you can apply on the master's degree quota. That is what people use their status letters for, to tell the USCIS that they have completed all degree requirements but will graduate later. In your case, since you haven't finished your degree requirements and will not do so by the time you apply for your H1B, the status letter is of no use.

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  • solaris27
    05-31 05:42 PM
    how can any h1b visa holder own 33% in LLC .

    I thought in LLC all members should be GC/Citizens only .

    Please clearify .


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  • ampudhukode
    03-24 03:53 PM

    Thank you for the reply. Is that what people normally in this circumstance do ?


    No need of exp letter, just take offer letter and recent pay subs.

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  • Outkastpb231
    11-02 05:59 PM
    There are many members here, who are looking to get better and get some experience just like you. Maybe you can team up with someone, and do some cool projects to build a portfolio, etc.

    Also you should make yourself a website displaying your work that you have now.

    I am currently trying to acquire a partner, preferably someone with skills in ActionScripting and PHP, I have a candidate but he also has some bids with other people.


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  • sathyaraj
    10-26 11:29 AM
    USCIS is not updating the online status. Mine got approved and I received it in mail. But still the online status remains as pending.

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    12-07 10:28 PM
    ... one on the cover letter of LC approval on top left, with job code and other details

    and other, on first page of original LC, bottom left, on the oval blue ink stamp that they put along with PD, LC officers signature and job code


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  • morchu
    05-04 04:37 PM
    That I agree.
    USCIS can reject that second extension, since at the time of that extension application he dont have a pending immigration petition.
    AFAIK, already approved H1 is not invalidated. But, if you are on H1 (based on I-485) and your I-485 is denied, and later you lose your job with the H1 employer, then you might not be able to transfer your H1 to a new employer even though you have time left on the extended H1. Obviously, this is my opinion.

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  • gcdeal
    07-11 09:40 PM
    What can you expect from such a low life women. She and her master Bush are all liars.


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  • go_guy123
    01-11 05:18 AM
    Things r getting bad in the US...I'd suggest better move to Canada now and start a business if u have saved enough to start one. Wait for citizenship and come back later on a TN Visa which is valid forever (barring the pain of yearly extensions u shudn't have any other issue).

    In the US u cud lose ur job anytime however stable it might look like now. Else what was the point in applying for Canadian PR and all the pains u took???

    TN visa is now valid for 3 years (earlier it used to be for 1 year)

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  • forgerator
    01-30 05:47 PM
    I am actually doing this right now. See my signature.

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  • beibei2929
    05-15 01:20 PM
    Hi, Guys:

    My old H-1b will expire on June 30 2007. My employer has applied the new H-1b extension, but it is still pending. I am planning to go back to my country this summer and try to apply for H-1 visa in US embassy in early June. My question is whether I can apply for H-1 visa using the old one (expire on June 30) while the new one is pending. How long will be my H-1 visa valid (usually 3-month in my country)? Will I get 3-month or till the expirating date(June 30)? Can I come back to US? Many thanks.

    07-14 04:55 PM
    Thanks for the update paskal.

    It was just what i needed to make my mind...i am bored to death in this small town finishing my waiver hoping for this piece of legislation.( no hopes of my EB2 anyway:rolleyes:).

    Thanks Paskal for letting everyone know the update. IV was a co-signatory with other medical advocacy groups to the letter for pushing Physician's provisions. Please contact Paskal if you wish to join the effort.

    There are lot of doctors who are unaware about this and what they can do together to end their long wait. I have met some of them myself and talked about IV and its efforts for doctors. They joined IV effort but the doctor community by and large is still unaware of this effort and scattered.

    07-12 10:13 PM
    EndlessWait I hope ur wait will end soon

    for me and everyone..atleast make the process of GC predictable and sane.
    PS: I've lost it already. Its only meat up there.. pls lighten up the fire...

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