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  • jliechty
    March 28th, 2005, 07:23 AM
    Has the 4GB card been formatted with the FAT32 filesystem in your computer? The D100 supports FAT32, so greater-than-2GB memory cards should not be a problem in theory. :confused:

    BTW, I've not yet heard of viruses getting on memory cards and affecting digital cameras, yet. I'm sure the day will come, as digital cameras become more powerful and [perhaps] start using more general purpose processing units.

    Emmergency appoitment at chennai for h1 stamping [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Emmergency appoitment at chennai for h1 stamping

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  • sprash
    03-08 11:49 AM
    My PD of JAN 27 05 became current with the March bulletin. While folks from TSC got GCs from March 2nd itself, NSC seemed to have little action.

    By some random combination of POJ options, which changed recently, I managed to get a service request in on March 2nd (Type of service requested: -- Outside Normal Processing Times). The same day, I had Infopass and I was told its been "Preadjudicated, under review" and there was some recent movement on my case (transfered internally). This got my spirits up, but in just 2 days, I got a pretty horrible response to my SR, which made me feel this is going to be an uphill battle:

    Due to the pending caseload at the Nebraska Service Center, the processing time of your I-485 application has been extended. Allow extra time for an Officer to review your application. Furthermore, if all initial evidence was not included with you application, or a question arose during adjudication that required a Request for Evidence, additional time would be needed.

    Your application remains awaiting review by an Officer and you will be notified as soon as a decision is made. The Service is waiting for VISA availability.

    If you have any further questions, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    I was about to contact the state senator today, but early today morning we got our CPO emails.

    My case is pretty straight forward:
    Processing center: NSC
    PD: JAN 27 2005 non perm which got approved just in time for July 07 fiasco.
    I-485: July 07 filer
    RFE in Nov 2008 (immunizations for wife, she had taken certain waivers due to pregnancy --- and Employment verification for myself)
    Approval: Today (March 8th 2010)

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  • garybanz
    11-05 11:30 PM
    Go TX-IV go...

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  • Karthikthiru
    07-18 01:14 AM
    We all should organize and fight for Recapturing the VISA numbers and also for SKIL bill



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  • wandmaker
    12-31 12:30 PM
    hi All,

    i'm new to this forum.please advice on my situation.

    I was on F1 earlier and now I am on H1b from jan 2007.
    I am the first person for whom company filed H1B and got approved.
    I am the only person on my companies payroll and only person on their H1B. Is that going to be a probelm if i go for H1B stamping to mexico?
    If i go for stamping to mexico, What sort of questions i will be asked?

    Please help me ...


    It is very risk to go for stamping, any consular post with only one person working for the company. If you wait for an year or so, company should be able to back you up with enough financial paper work your stamping. Additionally, you will also have documents to prove continuous employment (pay stubs, w2 and tax returns). Also PIMS verification has begun at all consular posts, resulting at lease 4-7 business days of delay in visa issuance. If I were you, I would wait for a while and create enough documentation for successful stamping. My 2 cents - decision is your personal choice.

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  • rajarao
    12-17 12:12 PM
    I traveled- chicago-frankfurt-bangalore- H1B extended but visa stamp expired. No one asked anything while going.
    While coming back they checked my AP at bangalore only (Check-in, indian immigration and boarding). no one asked for it in Frankfurt.
    on I-94 that they give in flight, leave the visa issuance date blank (air line crew did not understand what AP is?).


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  • Administrator2
    05-08 04:59 PM
    Juliana Barbassa from Associated Press reporter is writing a story about legal immigrants with ITIN holders being denied economic stimulus checks. Please contact Ms. Barbassa to speak-up about this extremely important issue. Here is a message from her requesting members of Immigration Voice to contact her for in interview.


    Hi --

    I am an immigration reporter for the Associated Press, and am currently reporting an article about the economic stimulus checks that will be going out soon. I'm writing about how a lot of people won't get them because their spouse doesn't have a social security number _ chief among them green card holders with spouses who are stuck in the backlog, and haven't been able to get a social security number.

    I'd love to talk to people in this situation all over the country -- and at least one person, ideally, in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley, so we can also have a picture taken. I hope to reach folks today, Thursday, because the article has to be done by Friday.

    I can be reached at this email address:

    Thanks much for your help,

    Juliana Barbassa


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  • getrdone
    09-17 01:54 AM
    I got similar information from IO
    I am not sure what he meant by before it expires?
    Did you ask what happens when it expires?
    and what about the 180 days rule? I was told that they would look in application pending more than 1 yr during Nov.
    And application pending more than 2 yrs are already processed ( as per press release)
    good luck !!

    Just got off the phone with customer service rep. I called them to know the status of my service request that was created 45 days ago. After some wait, one lady picked up my call. I asked her to check the status of my service request. She tried for 10 mins to pull up that info but she couldn't pull up because of some technical issues. She escalated my call to another level.

    One rep picked up my call.He seems to be nice and answered my questions. He said my case is under review as of 8/21/2008. When I asked him to see whether my name check is cleared or not, he said it is still pending as of now. FBI name check was initiated on Sep 18, 2007 and it should expire on Nov 30, 2008. Before that they should get a response for name check.

    We gave our finger prints on Nov 2, 2007. How come name check was initiated on Sep 18, 2007? I am not sure whether i can believe his words?

    I have a soft LUD on 8/21/2008. According to CSR words, i can assume that case was assigned to an officer. But i am not sure about the name check process.

    Is any one got the similar response?
    Please share your thoughts on this



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  • freakin_gc
    11-14 02:59 PM
    I saw two lud on my i-485(yesterday and today) What does that mean?
    I have completed my biometrics, received EAD and approval notice for AP has been sent.

    Can somebody clarify on this please??

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  • deardar
    09-14 08:44 AM
    Flying to DC for their GC.............

    Happy to know that there are still people who like and know how to make a difference.


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  • s_r_e_e
    08-19 03:10 PM
    I believe you should send what ever you have with a good cover letter about the unavailability & about the documents submitted originally. That might turn it in to an approval soon, hopefully.

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  • arukala
    01-20 03:02 PM
    Admin ,

    NEW LOOK AFTER A LONG TIME... It is really Good


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  • Gravitation
    08-02 09:33 AM
    Congress has gone into unscheduled recess till Sept 8th. Then it'll be too close to elections. Once new congress is seated, all bills introduced before then will not have any standing. So, let's be realistic and not get too excited.

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  • rsharma
    10-11 09:08 PM
    I am in H1B and more than five years. My employer is a mid size
    private Indian company. They start bringing more and more L1B
    people and post them in client location. Their LCA is for 55K and they
    are paid only 30K even though the billing is in three digit. All the
    accomodation, per diem are paid by the client. We are into one of
    the XXX product and there is no custom product from our company.

    Whats the best way to deal with this guys. Whom should send I the
    complaint about this. What they are doing is a complete violation
    of law.

    So please guide and share you experience.

    P.S. If you dont have any information, please stay away. Do not
    start the H1 vs L1, Anti-immis troll alert. Thanks for your
    understanding. This has nothing to do with the L1 employees.

    Dear Friend I totally agree with you. I was with one of these employers and have moved away from them. As suggested by some members you can report about these fraudulent activities to DOL. I know it is dufficult to leave these employers as they make the employees to sign bonds and try to capture all the money that they have acquired in PF etc back in the native country.

    These employers are to be blamed for the current economy condition of this country and the condition of immigrants like us.

    I know there are some members in this forum who will try to shout you down and make you quite.

    But I feel if one believe in what is right then one should go ahead irrespective of what others think.


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  • syedajmal
    09-22 03:00 PM
    could you please share when you applied for AP so that we can know how long it took for approval after RFE...

    Applied for EAD/AP online on 06/04/2008.
    Got 2 years EAD approved on 08/05/2008.
    Got an RFE for AP (missing photos) on 08/07/08.
    replied for RFE on 08/13/08.
    AP approved on 09/13 and got it on 09/20

    Hope this timeline helps

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  • tweetyforlife
    05-06 06:27 PM
    newyorker123, what happened to your interview/ I am facing possible PIMS delay and would love to hear from your experience

    krishmunn, I don't quite understand the $8 that you are talking about appointments in Mexico. I checked it out and they are requiring to pay $150 for H1 appointments.


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  • boreal
    09-03 03:44 PM
    Hello Folks,

    I also read, if there was a pending EAD renewal, your case might get looked at and instead of renewing your EAD, USCIS will rather give you GC - provided PD is current and there are no other issues.

    The USCIS systems are not that sophisticated as we think they are.
    For me, I have opened an SR on Aug 4, got CPO on Aug 11, then the SR response came on Aug19 saying that my GC has been approved :)

    ...and wait there's more!
    Aug 13 or so, they approved my pending EAD, this after approving GC on Aug 11. Lets give them a benefit of doubt assuming that their various servers didnt get synced up in those two days.

    Last week of August, they send me information on my AP that was approved earlier and for which i had my attorney send an enquiry (as I didnt receive the AP by then)....

    so basically what this shows is that mostly there exists a high disconnect in their various servers/databases, and most probably their processes are highly manual.

    Gist of this, highly disconnected systems and I dont think SR would lead to anything..

    But, yours looks like a porting case - so possibly they might have the wrong dates - it might help to open an SR or go for infopass...

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  • frostrated
    10-26 02:07 PM
    EAD is required for only working IN the country. If you want to work for a company office that is located in the US, but perform the work remotely, then you need to have a legal status in the country where you are going to stay. The taxes you pay will be in the city where the office is located, not where you perform the work remotely. Just keep your EAD and AP current, and visit the US every now and then so as not to jeopardize your 485 application.

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  • reddysms
    06-24 09:41 AM
    I even have exactly the same message. I am hoping that the status might change as delivered today or tomorrow.

    07-18 01:51 PM

    I am new to immigration talk so I might not use the right terms so I apoligize in advance. Here is our situation, my wife's green card case was approved 2 years ago but we are waiting for a visa number to become available.Our lawyer told her that we fall under the EB3 catagory.He also said our filing date is April2002 and the visa bulitin should show this date for us to get an invitation.
    My wife really really hates her job and would like to quit today but the lawyer is saying we can not get the green card if she quits. He also tells us she can not work for another company because then we would need to start everything from scratch.
    Can someone confirm this?
    Is there a solution?
    Does she have to keep working for this company forever?(seemslike EB3 dates arent moving)

    05-17 02:56 PM
    ok thanks

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