Linda Morand - MOD Monday

Linda Morand from Long Island, New York, was one of the top fashion models of the mid 60's to mid 70's.  She was was originally discovered by Eileen Ford (Ford Modeling) and graced the pages of Vogue, Glamour & Mademoiselle as well as many international fash mags.  She was considered to be the favorite model of designers Betsey Johnson & Vidal Sassoon and was one of the first ever American models to be booked from New York to work the runway in Paris.
She had an uncanny resemblance to Jacqueline Kennedy when she was younger  and even had the opportunity to meet her doppelganger at P.J. Clarke's in Manhattan in 1971.  Her modeling career was more successful in Europe than in the United States as she was the muse to Pierre Cardin, Karl Lagerfeld and Paco Rabanne.  She was well versed in her craft that took her on travels through Paris, Milan, Munich and Barcelona.   She was one of the most photographed models of the MOD era, who was just like her contemporary Twiggy, was an 'it girl' who set the standard of style for her generation...
Her career was short lived and only spanned a duration of one decade as she retired in 1975 to raise a family.  She did however, open a small exclusive modeling school as well as an international photography studio. At present day, the vintage haute couture model spends the majority of her time trying to get a two hour television special off the ground...'The Supermodels Hall Of Fame'
Now in her 70's, Morand could still pass for mid 40's as this once super model, super chick of the 60's is still on top of her game which totally diminishes the usual stereotype of today's supermodels with their eating disorders and heroine chic look and totally gives rise to the old adage that 'they just don't make em' like they used to'! , minimadmod60',

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