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  • gcformeornot
    09-25 03:53 PM
    When 140 is revoked USCIS generally send NOID and ask from a offer letter from intended(new) employer. If you can not provide a letter from new employer... they will deny 485.... sorry.

    Your EAD is valid, but it is useful only if you have a new job.

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  • rrk
    03-18 10:58 AM

    I have my work visa H1B with comapy ABC. I didnot work for them. Now Company XYZ is offering me a job and is ready to apply for H1B transfer. To do so I need atleast 2 pay stubs. I also have my EAD valid till Nov. So what is the best thing to do.

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  • psaxena
    05-20 05:41 PM
    well said I agree, I gonna go to tijuana and burn my passport and come back illiegally walking and starting working in some car wash .

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  • garfield_x
    03-05 01:53 PM
    eb3retro, As you may have noticed, this was my first post ever. So I am not aware of what rules you guys have been trying to enforce on this forum. However I like to have my privacy and refuse to share any info that is not pertinent or until I feel comfortable enough. so long .....


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  • prout02
    08-13 07:49 PM
    My infopass IO told me so. My wife's namecheck got cleared last October. However, it was waiting for mine and it cleared the hurdle July 08. So yes, it matters even if one year has passed since I applied for 485.

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  • hkimmi
    09-25 03:31 PM

    I am not sure of your exact question as it is a bit ambiguous but here is what I read/understand

    You can port an earlier priority date of an old I-140 even if the job description changes or your category has changed (EB-2 or EB-3). But this is only possible when you are applying for your I-485 (your old PD is current) by attaching a copy of your earlier approved I-140.

    Also the underlying labor application/I-140 should be valid and not be substituted/revoked or cancelled. Again, check with an attorney but this is my understanding
    Can�t we port our PD if our employer cancels our I-140 and reuse our approved labor.., I remember reading Once I-140 is approved PD is in candidates back pack.

    Gurus please confirm this �, I hope lot of people might be waiting to hear this �


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  • GotGoose?
    04-24 09:52 PM
    Added another that's very simple - looks good :pleased:

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  • hemya
    08-21 09:15 AM
    If you have the ead card, the file #/card# will tell you which center was your EAD fiiled. To get an approximate date using the online case status search for the file number in the approximate range as yours. For Eg. if you card # is EAC 07 043 52343 - then the center is Vermont, Filed in Fisical year 07 ( Oct -06 - Sep 07) 043 is the 43rd working day in FY07 and 52343 is the case number.

    Hope this helps.

    Thats what I did...but I did not put in the date of filing......My old EAD card had a LINxxxxx number


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  • chintu25
    10-02 01:46 PM
    I will give 50 for each 1500...2000 and 2500 mark

    GO IV


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  • iad2ead
    07-19 07:12 AM
    Me too in same situation.. thx for sharing the exp.. Do you think the list of mandatory documents are sufficient ? I'm carrying last yrs tax returns, 5 months pay stubs, last 3yrs W-2 in addition to the mandatory documents. Anything else?

    Just wanted to share our 7th year H-1B extension stamping in Chennai on July 15th. Since my I-140 was approved, the I-797 petition was approved for 3 years. My family (wife and daughter) attended the interview along with me. The procedure for H-1B extension/renewal is much easier in Chennai compared to first time stampers. There is a separate counter for renewals and the interview procedure is quite simple. After the initial screening of documents, we went to a separate renewal counter which did not have any queue.

    The VO just asked some questions about my nature of the job and how long I have been with my company. FYI, my company is a major reputed IT Foreign MNC. My family was not asked any questions. We did not have any PIMS delays and I got the passport couriered the very next day itself. The petition was approved a month before the stamping. Overall it is a much streamlined process for H-1B visa extensions/renewals.

    Thanks MP70


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  • buehler
    07-11 01:17 PM
    If you get one consolidated paycheck and W-2, you're fine. Otherwise, you will have a tough time explaining multiple paychecks and W-2s to the immigration officer when you go for visa stamping or when entering the country.

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  • GCKarma
    08-06 06:46 PM

    I have LUD on my I-140 and its 07/13/2008.LUD of my I-485 is not changed at all.I have changed my employer and I have not applied AC-21.I'm in H1B.
    Should I worry about my previous employer revoking my I-140.Please help me out.Should I call USICS to know whether they have revoked my I-140?

    My I-140 was approved on July 2006 and I applied I-485 on July 2 2007 and I changed
    my employer after 180 days.
    LUD on I-485 is Aug 2007

    Thanks a lot


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  • Carl2k
    11-03 01:34 AM
    Im interested. Need time to fill up. Pulling my hair out with all this free time of mine.

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  • iwantmygreen
    08-06 07:47 PM
    08/04 LUD on your I485 should be for approval. What does the message read? I had received RFE. They received the response for RFE on 08-01 for which there was LUD on 08-01. There was another LUD on 08-03. another one on 08-04. The status reads: "On August 1, 2008, we received your response to our request for evidence. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. You should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date we received your response unless fingerprint processing or an interview are standard parts of case processing and have not yet been completed, in which case you can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case is at our NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register."


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  • kaizersoze
    07-18 10:44 AM

    with all due respect, I really doubt if this is the bet way to get people to donate. Calling people cheap is not a nice thing and generally not recommended.

    I know your intentions are good and ...

    Granted, its nto the best way. Now, can you suggest a way pls ? What is generally recommended ?
    Can you pls help 'convince' people to contribute...

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  • rajivkane
    12-08 11:17 PM

    Thanks for your answers.




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  • jamesbond007
    11-02 01:57 PM

    Please CONGRATULATE to the new President on Tuesday by all channels and DEFINITELY ASK the question " Now that you are the president, do you want to further punish us for being legal and sticking to the rules and hence make us wait forever in these long painful EB2/EB3-I long queues, . Mention about 5882, small admin fix.
    does he want to give us some immediate relief. Dont forget to mention we can buy houses, not new job applicants, legal etc and HIgh-skilled.

    Definitely congratulations would be in order.
    But I hope they do not get questions whose answer can be a simple Yes/No. Rather they ought to be for which he would give some detailed actions: What are you going to do to turn around this economy?
    What are you going to do to reduce the wait time for highly skilled immigrants waiting for GC?

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  • gcdeena
    04-29 06:36 PM
    Obama takes immigration reform off agenda

    Obama takes immigration reform off agenda - Yahoo! News (

    BUMMER :-(

    WASHINGTON � Immigration reform has become the first of President Barack Obama's major priorities dropped from the agenda of an election-year Congress facing voter disillusionment. Sounding the death knell was Obama himself.

    The president noted that lawmakers may lack the "appetite" to take on immigration while many of them are up for re-election and while another big legislative issue � climate change � is already on their plate.

    "I don't want us to do something just for the sake of politics that doesn't solve the problem," Obama told reporters Wednesday night aboard Air Force One.

    Immigration reform was an issue Obama promised Latino groups that he would take up in his first year in office. But several hard realities � a tanked economy, a crowded agenda, election-year politics and lack of political will � led to so much foot-dragging in Congress that, ultimately, Obama decided to set the issue aside.

    With that move, the president calculated that an immigration bill would not prove as costly to his party two years from now, when he seeks re-election, than it would today, even though some immigration reformers warned that a delay could so discourage Democratic-leaning Latino voters that they would stay home from the polls in November.

    Some Democrats thought pushing a bill through now might help their party. If it failed, they could blame Republican resistance, though in reality many Democrats didn't want to deal with an immigration bill this year either.

    Perhaps seeing the handwriting on the wall, top Senate Democrats released a legislative framework for immigration reforms anyway. The draft proposal, obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday, called for, among other things, meeting border security benchmarks before anyone in the country illegally can become a legal permanent U.S. resident.

    By Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered little hope that the issue was still alive on Capitol Hill.

    "If there is going to be any movement in this regard, it will require presidential leadership, as well as an appetite, is that the word? ... as well as a willingness to move forward in the Congress," she said.

    House Republican leader John Boehner was more blunt. "There is not a chance that immigration is going to move through the Congress," he said Tuesday.

    Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the Democrats' leading advocate for immigration reform, has said he voted for health care reform on the understanding that Obama and congressional Democrats would move a major immigration bill.

    Even though he would like to see Latinos turn out to vote for Democrats in 2010, Gutierrez said "many will probably decide to stay home." However, he added, a strict, new immigration law in Arizona may change that dynamic. The law requires law enforcement officers to question anyone they suspect is in the country illegally.

    "On one hand you are not going to vote because you don't believe people you voted for are doing a good enough job," Gutierrez said. "Then you say, 'I got to vote, because the enemy is so mean and vindictive, I got to get out there.'"

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  • hebbar77
    12-09 09:01 PM
    On bench with GC... Thats like you are out of job isn't it? On H1 if this happens its also illegal. I assume bench means no pay or LOWER than normal pay for the job.

    01-16 12:43 PM
    There are some apprehensions on immigration portal about legality of lobbying and having an advocacy group to talk on our behalf and work on our behalf. I have posted a reply there and I am posting that same thing here to clear your fears of "backlash" and "Legal issues".


    There is nothing wrong with Lobbying. It is completely legal to seek professional advocacy for a public cause in order to shape public policy.

    It is regulated and legal. Money given to lobbyist are a matter of public record. Hundreds of corporations do this all the time and some of them have their own people do it and some of them hire outside firms who specialize in such activities.

    Lobbying has become a dirty word in the past 4 years and more so because of Abramoff scandal. But it is not going to end and it will continue happening since ITS LEGAL AND REGULATED AND MONITORED.

    See more here to do research in history and dynamics of lobbying.

    Think about lobbying as hiring a lawyer. You can pay a lawyer as much as you want. Its legal. You cannot pay the judge. That is bribery and that is illegal. Similary we are paying orgs to be our advocates or communicator to lawmakers. No-one here is paying any lawmakers. Not a penny.

    Regarding the reactions BECAUSE we hire professional advocates(using advocacy instead of lobbying since its dirty now due to scandals...its the same thing) is the deal. There are 2 choices:

    Choice 1.

    You can be afraid of raising your voice and afraid of anything and everything including the "RADAR" of god-knows-which branch of government(even though its legal), you can be afraid of your own employer(even though its not against company policy in 99% companies to contribute money to orgs that advocate, I have asked my company and they said its ok as long as its not my own profession to lobby and as long as I am not profiting from it personally...which I am not...its contrary...I and other voluteers have contributed personally), you can be afraid of anti-immigration forces that are not going to do anything can be afraid of them. You can live in a country as free as US and be afraid of things that dont even exist.

    Choice 2.

    You can use your backbone and stand up to raise your voice for something you want and something you believe in. Every once in a while you HAVE TO STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU WANT AND SPEAK UP. Justice is not automatic.

    For the sake of argument, let us say that you are on some-one's radar. Who do you thing that is? What are they going to do? If its government branch or agency, they wont do anything because nothing here is illegal. If its a private anti-immigration org then they will know that there are forces just like them in the opposite direction on this issue for immigration. So WHAT? WE know about them and they know about us. They do their job. We do our job. At the end of the day if we make an effect of even 5% on this issue, it could be decisive. And by the way, there are many other orgs that publicly advocate immigration(including illegal immigration) and they have their websites and phone numbers and addresses. They are not afraid of "RADARS" and "ANTI-IMMIGRATION FORCES". WHY SHOULD WE BE AFRAID OF ANYONE.

    Lastly, if you cannot give up your fears and speak up or stand up...atleast dont scare others. I would really appreciate.


    09-14 07:58 PM
    IV: humble request.....please post the conference call date in advance, atleast 2 days, so that many people can attend it.

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