Fashion In Film Friday - "The Lost Boys"

Even before the movie 'Twilight', vampires have been romanticized in movies.  The 1987 flick Lost Boys, starring Kiefer Sutherland as the head vamp & Jason Patric as the lead role, was definitely one to remember. 
Besides having a killer soundtrack, the style of the undead was off the hook, retro bohemian gypsy.  They wore embellished military jackets, long trench coats, army boots, bangle jewelry and long flowing skirts.  And let's not forget to mention the big 80's hair!  Jamie Gertz who played Patric's love interest, was rogue'ishly feminine in her belly dancer inspired boho floor length skirt and colorful peasant inspired top.
Shortly after this film was released, the grunge movement in regards to fashions came about which leaves us to believe that the inspiration behind it may have very well have come from this.  Grunge by definition is based on the Seattle sound that emerged during the late 80's and trailed on well into the first half of the 90's and the fashion style changes that came along with it.  

There hasn't been much of an evolution in comparison to grunge circa 1987 til' now as we've seen a stand still in the design, however there's been a bit of a goth influence to the grunge status quo as vampire movies have evoked a cosplay feel to the fashion statement, by incorporating a lot of 'black & metal' into their daily wear.
I am personally a big fan of vampire movies, so I have one question for you...

Are you TEAM EDWARD or.....TEAM JACOB? ,

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