Farrah Fawcett...In The News Again?

Farrah Fawcett is in the news today in spite of the fact that she passed away close to two years ago.  Her ex long time lover Ryan O'Neal has come forward to claim that he believes the stress from their tumultuous relationship brought on her illness and ultimately cost her her life.  I personally think that idea's a bit out there, but reading the article gave me my inspiration for todays post.

Farrah Fawcett was an American born actress and stated to have also been an artist although I had never heard of her stating any fame from it.  The only art I knew she was involved with, centered around the photo shoot she agreed to do for Playboy when she hit her fifties in the 90's.  Having turned down anything that had to do with being nude in movies and the media throughout her career, this came as a complete shock to her fans!  That spread was the best selling issue ever, topping out at over 4 million sold.

In her early career, Farrah started out in commercials & she was a spokes model for Breck shampoo, Noxema, Ultra Brite toothpaste & the 1975 Mercury Cougar.  She then went on to further her acting career landing a role on the popular hit show of the late seventies, 'Charlie's Angels' opposite Jaclyn Smith & Kate Jackson.  It wasn't until 1976 when she posed for the infamous red swim suit poster, that she became an overnight sex symbol.  That poster sold over 12 million copies world wide & the only overtly sexual aspect of the photo was that her headlights were on ah ha! 

She was also considered to be in the top 100 most influential fashion icons of the seventies with her skimpy clothes, big smile and mass of blond curls.  It was even suggested that she deserves some major kudos for inspiring the glamazon Victoria's Secret "Angel" look since her legendary hairstyle has been mega duped on the catwalk.

Unfortunately, I can't help but remember how in the end of her career, she became a bit wacky and eccentric with her flighty antics during talk show interviews & other televised media events.  I think this was due majorly in part to the fact that Farrah was having an issue with the idea of growing old.  It was evident in the bad nip/tucks, that she was chasing time and wasn't interested in the concept of aging gracefully...

All of that changed in the end as Farrah let go of worrying about esthetics or how the world saw her physical self when she let us all see her battle with cancer in a very raw and intimate account of her day to day struggle with the disease that ultimately ended her life.  She redeemed herself in the public eye and left behind her a legacy of strength, dignity and grace that will never be forgotten.

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