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  • JunRN
    08-10 06:34 PM
    I am waiting too...it may come on Monday instead and so is the 'U' in the Visa Bulletin.

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  • chanduv23
    09-16 12:25 PM
    Our great women and their sweet little kids are taking the first step


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  • snvlgopal
    06-16 01:35 AM
    Thanks Milind70 & x1050US, In my case my wife's I94 is expired in Feb13, we filed for the h4 extension on Jan17 and she left US in May before her h4 is approved, can she still go for the VISA stamping with out the new H4 approval document (FYI i got my h1 approval notice and also stamping is done in India,Chennai )

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  • ivjobs
    10-28 07:49 AM
    I have seen many people on this forum that haven't notified USCIS but changed jobs.


    I have an EAD (over a year now since I-140 approved), but never used it. Now, that Iam planning to switch my employer I have some questions about using EAD

    1. Is it Mandatory to file AC21?

    2. Is AC21 required for each contract switch ? (Suppose Contract is W2), if so, wouldnt that be hard and expensive to file for every 3 or 6 months projects?

    3. Can I work on 1099?

    Thanks in Advance.


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  • freddyCR
    February 11th, 2005, 06:12 PM
    Still testing...how do you like it ?

    34 mm
    iSO 100


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  • cagedcactus
    06-14 09:35 PM
    Mark my words.... President Bush will single handedly make sure to pass the bill as it is.....

    No one can stop it.

    Do you all think it is just a co incidense that all the dates became current just when this bill (which was supposed to be in grave :rolleyes: ) is revived by those who extremely opposed it?

    Do you know how many people will stop giving a damn, because they just filed their 485 s?
    People like me who are result of bad practice employers are still here, and lucky ones will depart.....

    We have been dealt a crucial blow here.


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  • piperwarrior
    07-17 11:16 PM
    I don't think your lawyer knows what he's talking about. All you need is your I-140 receipt. I applied for my wife on July 2 and used my I-140 approval notice. Did not even include the I-485 notice as the instructions did not ask for it. The simple solution is to go online and download the official instructions and figure out for yourself.

    I got myself in somewhat of a mess here and wondering if there is any solution?

    I filed for my I-485 on June 28th and it reached UCSIS on 2nd July. I wasn't able to do the same for my wife as she was in India at that time.

    She is back now and I want to file her I-485 but my lawyer tells me I can not do that because it either needs to be filed concurrently with mine or they need to have a receipt for my I-485 which doesn't seem to be coming in the next few weeks.

    Is there anything else I can do? Anyone has similar experiences? Will a copy of my I-485 filing do?


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  • dan19
    09-07 07:56 PM
    My attorney send me an email stating that my sister's H1 transfer was filed to WILLISTON, VT. Do they normally send to that address or is it somewhere else?

    I thought it was Saint Albans,VT


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  • gparr
    June 5th, 2005, 11:17 AM
    This rose bloom stood out so well against the foliage background, that I thought I'd try a little different composition in which the main subject is a small part of the frame. Does this composition work or does it need to be cropped?

    20D, Sigma EX 105 macro, 1/160 sec., f/2.8, ISO 200

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  • stldude
    07-18 01:33 PM
    Folks - I have been hearing mixed comment on Interim EAD.. Is it still permitted. I heard that they have stopped issuing interim EAD's... If it is still permitted how do we go about obtaining an interim EAD.


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  • muhamm5
    02-05 10:54 PM
    I am on H-1 B , and planning to apply for Labor certification - working for an Automobile manufacturing Company in Engineering department,my qualifications are Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering-SOC CODE (17-2141), Masters in Industrial Engineering SOC CODE(17-2112).
    Just want to ask can i use Commercial & Industrial designer SOC CODE(27-1021), as base cause for using this code is my current job responsibilities matches with it and also meeting Salary requirements, other two codes giving high salaries comparing this code - (flc data center),
    By law do i have to use the same code in which my bachelor or master degree is OR it depends on my current job responsibility
    . help will be appreciated

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  • bkshres
    10-07 01:00 PM
    Recently I joined new company using AC21. When I joined this new company, my new company told me that they will not handle any immigration matter but will provide with necessary documents if needed. So, I asked my previous attorney to continue my case and he prepared letter for AC21 and sent to USCIS. Now, after couple of weeks, now the lawyer from my new company sent me G-28 form to fill, which is technically to switch the attorney and telling me that this new attorney will be sending AC21 documents again. But my new company is not doing G-28 for my wife. So, now I am in delemma whether to file G-28 and switch the attoney and send AC21 documents again.

    Is it advisable to stay with old attorney as he had all the original documents and whatever being sent to USCIS OR switch to new attorney appointed by new company. This new attorney also saying that most of the time G-28 form will never make to USCIS I485 case and will get lost in mailroom. In that case all the correspondence will still goto old attorney. So, I wasn't sure what is safest and best way to handle this.

    From my prospective, I should be good since my old attorney already sent AC21 documents to USCIS including my apointment letter from new employer with copies of all necessary document. so, Do I need to switch attorney at this stage of Green card (I485). What could be the possible queries in future regarding AC21. My old company is very reputed and they will not revoke my I-140. Similarly my new company is also very reputed. Both are in similar business and my job is similar and both are fortune 100 companies.

    My case is EB3 ROW with priority date of March 2006. Now I am working on EAD.

    Thanks in advance.



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  • chanduv23
    09-17 01:58 PM
    way to go chandu.! We all will be there tomorrow.!

    great - see you there

    Everyone to DC


    Everyone to DC

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  • nixstor
    12-18 11:06 AM

    Any one recently who applied for F1 visa in Canada/Mexico/India after moving from H4??


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  • pa_arora
    01-23 04:42 PM
    I work with a consulting company on client side. The client is planning a shutdown for 2 days a month - 2nd and 4th friday.

    Do you guys think its gonna imapct 485 application. I am asking this question cause the labor was approved for 40/hrs per week and the salary slip shows the number of hrs worked per month which will be lesser than 160 (incase the month has 4 weeks).

    BTW, I am on EAD and 140 approved couple of years back.


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  • tharu
    06-29 08:44 PM
    I have recently received an RFE on my I-485 application asking me to provide receipt number or A number for my spouse and child as I have included them in my application. I don't know how to respond to this and need your help to provide a suitable response.

    I didn�t submit I-485 application for my spouse and child as they were out of the country while i filed my mine. My family continues to live outside US while I'm here working on H1 and also have my approved labor (Feb24 2007) EAD (Nov11 2007) and I-140(Feb10 2009)
    Question is how to respond to RFE as I can't provide A number or receipt number. Also as my spouse and child are born in a country where they still have visa numbers available, can I claim cross chargeability to my spouse country of birth as the visa numbers are not yet available for India for my Priority date.

    As I have my chances of speedy processing with cross chargeability, how should I respond to RFE without I-485 filed for my family? Is it possible to ask for consular processing for my family with an intend FTJ? Please help me to answer in a way that would help my processing faster.



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  • coopheal
    06-18 10:39 AM
    This is what I think:
    Report your address moving even within same comunity/zip if you have not done already ASAP.
    If the address in Oregon is going to remain your permanent address then you do not need to report your stay in CA.


    I was staying in Oregon.I am working in CA for the last one month.
    My family still stays in Oregon and will continue there. We also moved to diff apt one month back in Oregon. ( In the same apt complex/zipcode)

    I will stay here in CA for couple of months.

    Can I give the present address in Oregon for all of my family members Since my family still staying there.

    Do I need to give my present address for me in CA. I may be moving to diff apts here depending on project/confort.

    Pls advice.

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  • Gravitation
    08-17 11:20 PM
    You are fine. Have no worry and have a good trip. Use your H1B to get back.

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  • immigal
    08-13 06:26 PM
    Called USCIS.
    Current Immigration status will be same as what u entered US on. SO H1B for me..

    Hope this helps more people trying to find this answer.

    08-24 09:44 AM
    Mam Thank god..Atlast someone has responded. I live in Williamsville. I am the only one righht now. We will rent a car and try to get some 3 more guys. I will pm my contact no.

    Saravanraj , I sent you a PM .

    10-09 01:32 PM

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