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  • wandmaker
    06-03 09:46 AM
    I will be getting married to a H1 holder in India and because of the time involved in obtaining a marriage certificate, am planning to leave shortly after the wedding with my existing B2/tourist visa. What are my options of applying for a H4 once I do that - would I have to come back to India to apply for that, or can it be done from Canada/Mexico - are there any risks pertaining to intent of travel associated with such an action. Thanking you in advance for valuable help in this matter!

    You would be better off stamping your H4 in India, my 2 cents. Especially B1/B2 to any non-immigrant visas most of the time is a mess in my opinion.

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  • validIV
    02-04 12:57 PM
    Yea now I see your problem. When I applied for my F-1, my parents had not yet filed their I-140. Yours, on the other hand, has already been approved.

    The worst thing that I can think of is changing status to F-1 is denied.

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  • TheCanadian
    10-31 08:37 PM
    ... really? :trout:

    Have you met anyone who can bite a cob of corn clean in half?

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  • greenmonster
    11-19 08:31 AM
    Got my NC Driv License after 6 weeks. Issued based on EAD.


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  • cygent
    02-01 04:53 PM
    Hi Terpac,

    Is this EB2 or EB3? How many yrs. experience did you have when filing for labor?
    Which center filed NSC or TSC?

    Please consult your attorney, or also try

    Do post/update your situation here to help the rest of us.

    Thank You!

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  • p7810456
    06-18 08:10 AM
    I am in the same boat. Could someone answer this question ? I am trying to get affidavit from parents and the header reads "Affidavit of <wife's name> (known as <wife's previous name> at the time of birth". Is that good enough? BC has her pre-marriage name but it got issues just last week.

    BC should always have wife's maiden name.. and affidavits can have wife's current name!!! That works out very well... thats how I got it for my wife.


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  • indianabacklog
    02-26 09:57 PM
    Hello,This is my first time here.
    I am graduated F-1 students and now working in my OPT period
    OPT valid 4/1/2008-3/31/2009.

    I am gonna send application for H-1b on 4/1/2009.
    If H-1b approved in April or May 2009.

    My Questions are:
    Can i work and stay in US during 4/1/2009-5/31 ?
    ( what is my status,OPT expired on 3/31/2009,H-1B not approved)

    Can i work and stay in US druing 6/1/2009-10/1/2009
    (What is my status?)

    Thank you !

    You cannot work beyond the last day of your OPT work authorization.

    You say you are going to apply for an H1. This can only be done by an employer who has already fulfilled a labor conditions application on your behalf.

    Once your OPT finishes you cannot just stay in the US to wait and see what happens. You will need to leave and if your visa application is approved you can get a visa stamp at your local US consulate and enter the US again within two weeks of your first date of employment which cannot be before October 1st 2009.

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  • glus
    09-24 09:17 AM
    [QUOTE=njboy;949731]You wrote-"(I am certified in both the subject)"

    I am certified in both the subjects
    Maybe you should attend some ESL classes yourself before teaching it.[/QU

    everybody makes mistakes...


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  • Lasantha
    07-05 12:52 PM
    Did any one received the receipt notice of I-485 file in Jun 2007 , EB3 category?


    Try this

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  • meridiani.planum
    04-02 01:12 AM
    04/02/2008: Petitions/Applications Backlogs as of 02/29/2008

    * I-140: 147,913
    * I-485: 787,516
    * I-130: 1,367,289
    * I-765 EAD: 150,028
    * I-90 Green Card renewals/replacements
    * For other statistics, please click here.

    Source - ry08.pdf

    The backlog is so huge that there is no "light" at the end of the tunnel

    FB immigration is capped at 480K and EB immigration at 140K. Both are backlogged.. the ratio of cases is also perhaps 3:1 or 4:1, so the bulk of those pendng 485s are likely to be family based. the EB I-485 cases are probably somewhere around 250k of that 750k...

    Also, what is a backlogged case? USCIS has been changing the definition as they see fit. At one point cases that were pending FBI namecheck were not counted in backlogs!


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  • greencard_fever
    08-08 01:01 PM
    It is outrageous that NSC is not churning out any post April 2004 approvals for EB2-I. Is any one is taking any actions?
    What can be done?

    How do you know that NSC is not processing the post April 2004 EB-2 cases? any source like infopass or calling the customer service?

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  • cox
    September 4th, 2005, 07:32 PM
    ... Michael Michael Michael.... you do such nice work... there's always a jewel in the center with a bit of tweakin... that's what I love about your work! Many possibilities with one pic! :)

    Aw, shucks <blush>... I'll work on my tweakin' some more. I like your version, to be sure, but my goal is to make it look exactly like it looked when I shot it. I got about a million sunset shots at the world famous Canon beach. I'll see what I can do with those. Thanks for the input, as always!

    Cost of Filing AC21 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Cost of Filing AC21


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  • vivache
    08-22 10:48 AM
    It's been 9 years since I filed for my Eb3. July 2002. Jan 2002 is currently being processed. Do not see it coming to July 2002 .. based on the trends so far. (may take 2 years or more for all I know)

    When I filed for my EB3 .. i worked in as a support engineer.
    Am currently a manager (not support but Web Projects). SO my previous job and current one do not have a huge overlap.

    Questions for th gurus.
    1. Do you think I should apply for EB2
    2. If yes .. how much time will it take for me to get the GC? (quicker than my 2 years to indefinite for EB3)
    3. Can I get my July 2002 priority date for my EB2.
    4. Am currently on eAD. So is my wife. Will applying in EB2 affect my EAD?


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  • sve0390
    09-29 01:52 AM
    Q : Will this affect my ability to travel?

    Possibly, if you leave the country prior to the completion of the receipting process and do not have the appropriate travel documents, you may have difficulty returning to the United States.

    Ok so no travel unless you have AP...right?

    We decided to wait until we received our I-485 notices (got them) or the AP (not yet).


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  • B3NKobe
    04-17 02:45 AM
    hahahhaaha :lol: -- Nice Job Ya3!!

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  • pappu
    05-18 02:42 PM

    ask for paul herzog.

    This firm is expensive but good.


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  • LookingForGC
    06-29 05:20 PM
    The question looks good to me, i am also looking for the answer. Hope someone will give right answer for this.

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  • krish2006
    04-19 11:51 AM
    Is it possible to extend H4 status after using EAD for a person whose I-485 pending in derivative status.

    I read Cronin Memo reg. dual intent "Revision of March 14, 2000 Dual Intent Memorandum"
    It seems to discuss reg. using AP to enter the country and maintaining H status.

    Not sure if anyone here has done the extension of H4 after using EAD.

    Cronin memo:

    Cronin Memo (5-16-00) | Carl Shusterman (

    Appreciate any comments reg. this,

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  • careerGC5050
    11-23 07:52 AM
    Anoop - dont worry about it and ask your company to reapply with a stronger educational valuation. Everything depends on the educational valuation report submitted along with the application.

    Request for a stronger educational evaluation and request them to reapply.

    01-03 08:46 AM
    Hi Pappu,
    Please PM me your email id and I'll send that to you today.

    could someone send a scanned copy of this artcle by email so that it can be posted?

    04-09 04:15 PM
    Hello guys,
    Need little advice from you guys.

    My wife is having her citizenship interview and oath ceremony on April 30th.
    My AOS Documents are almost ready and i am just waiting for her to become US Citizen. I just need her Naturalization certificate which i can attach with my I-130 application as proof of her citizenship.

    after she become citizen, should i wait for a week or 2, before i send my AOS application to USCIS or just send it right away.??? if i send my application on the same day she become citizen........does that gonna create any problem for my AOS case ???


    Wait until she gets certificate of citizenship. You can send it next day. Waiting one or two days does not make any difference.

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