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  • mojoindemorning
    07-04 02:03 AM
    The 260k�
    God knows or who knows why the fluke in the numbers and a lot hurt but not to forget certain services made the big bucks. On an average 65k/year non-Immigrant VISAS are issued by immigration services. The Dept. of State claims that 60k immigrant VISA numbers exhausted by June 29, 07. The total number of applicants in the rat race should sum up to at least 260k as on June07.

    Numbers do the math...
    The June07 bulletin priority dates for India trace back to EB3-June03 & EB2-April04. At the same time about combined ~65k*4(June03-June07) = 260k were looking forward to get ahead in the rat race. Assume that 70% of 260k i.e. 182k had approved labors/substitution labor. The 182k caused to exhaust the 60k available immigrant VISAS then still about 102k are left in the air as non-immigrant alien workers.

    The suck-more theory�
    Since, the bulletin was issued on June 13, 07 (13 = dooms day) ~102k rushed to local stores like Sears, Walgreen, CVS for 2�� * 2 �� passport size photographs. The non-immigrant alien workers spent around 182k* ~$60 = $10.9mil for 6 passport size photographs. This explains why Walgreen (WALG) which was trailing at $43.xx on NASDAQ in May07 shot up to $45 in June07 and suddenly tumbled down to $43.xx after the revised bulletin. Certified civil surgeons to perform medical examination pocketed medical history�s best earnings in a span of 2 weeks raking revenues of about 182k* ~$275 = ~$50mil. NASDAQ touched years best @2650 in June07. Immigration lawyers charge about $1500 for I140 petition. Market rates for immigrant 485 petition is about $1400 for principal applicant and extra $750 for each dependent. Assuming that the average spending of 182k(singles, married, 2/3dependent applicants) amounted to $2000 for I140 and $2000 for I485 this totals to about 182k*$4000 = guess what!! $728mil. This means that there should be tremendous sales of Bentleys, Porsches, Lexus, Audis, BMWs this year. Projected sales of luxury cars should touch around $500mil for luxury cars alone in Q3. Till the next Oct07 bulletin keep the retro-guess-on for numbers.
    Thanks and good luck!!
    -AD (

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  • jliechty
    April 3rd, 2004, 12:07 AM
    So-so pictures... ;) The telephone lines are kind of interesting, I think it may have been better to see the ground as well.

    Are you using "Save for web"? That removes the EXIF, use "Save as..." instead.
    Yeah, I know, the pictures aren't that compelling. In both of the ground-less shots, the ground was cropped out because it was typical city stuff... houses, old buildings, roads, neighbors' yards with tons of crap in them, etc. I miss living in a more rural area. :(

    My workflow (way overkill for my POS digital camera) involves performing NeatImage and then adding Adjustment Layers and saving as PSD, then duplicating the image, flattening, making final tweaks, saving as TIFF, then duplicating again, resizing, and Saving As JPEG. Guess I should simplify things a bit. ;)

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  • prasadn
    02-04 05:10 PM
    I have mis-placed my EAD. Normally I can just apply for another EAD. But, I will be travelling to India in Mid March on Advance Parole and I'm not sure if I'll get the EAD by then.

    My question is, will they ask for EAD upon re-entry.

    I am thinking of applying for EAD after coming back. Is there any special processing for applying for a lost EAD ?

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Use the same application procedure as though applying for a new EAD, but make sure you check the box where it says "replacement of lost EAD". Also, write a cover letter explaining that you need a replacement EAD. I had to go thru this just a couple of months ago and USCIS reissued the EAD within a month.

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  • reddymjm
    09-16 06:55 AM
    The H1B is counted against the cap only once in 6 years. As you already had a H1 any one can file for your H1B NOW.


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  • chanduv23
    09-16 08:02 AM
    My cousin sister told me yesterday that - many are shy. Especially men - men could be the shyest people when it comes to showing up in public.

    Yes, a big reason for people hiding inside closets is shyness.

    This is also called social inhibition - UNABLE TO INTERACT SOCIALLY IN PUBLIC.



    To quota an example: When I went to a discotheque for the first time - I was just standing there doing nothing. I was giving all excuses - like headache, no mood etc..... but all it took was someone to pull me in, and after that i was never shy.

    For most of you, it takes a while to overcome your shyness - YES THIS IS THE TIME, OVERCOME YOUR SHYNESS - THERE ARE A LOT OF WOMEN OUT THERE WHO ARE NOT SHY.

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  • wc_user
    08-28 01:26 PM
    Thanks all for your response. Really appreciate it.


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  • amaze
    10-31 03:12 AM
    well, i thought this is where we post our stamp creations and other people critisize for them.
    do stamps have to be for something in particular?

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  • ujayra01
    07-18 07:18 PM
    Bump...Any one please. Thanks.

    Hello Gurus,

    My wife is on H4 since 2004 and we filed H1 (Jan. 2007) and her H1 status is pending at this moment. I am about to file 485 (July 2007 current bulletin) very soon.

    I have mentioned that she is on H4 in the I485 related docs. I thought her H4 becomes invalid ONLY after H1 is APPROVED. Is this correct? Please let me know.

    Thanks for your help.


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  • rollercoaster
    03-27 10:52 PM
    Somebody please reply.

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  • indian
    12-14 12:08 PM
    May be IV code is already aware and working on this. I think with the nuke deal out of the way, we now have a window of opportunity - may be Q1/Q2 2007 - during which we can try to get USINPAC, India caucus etc. to listen to us and hopefully actually do something.

    Once the so called "123 agreement" is finalized and reaches congress for approval, we would again be shut out of any help from USINPAC and others.


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  • krishnam70
    02-20 08:05 PM
    Hello All,
    I am going to India and have to go for stamping. I come under Chennai consular district but planning to go to Delhi because of high rejection rate in Chennai.

    First thing, I am not sure if I can go to Delhi when I come under Chennai consular district.

    Second thing is, should there be a valid reason with supporting documents for attending the visa appointment in Delhi instead of Chennai.

    Your thoughts and experiences on the above points would be very helpul for me in resolving this issue. Thanks a lot.

    Why not any of the consulates in Mexico ( Juarez, nogales, el paso etc). If you have all the documents related to your employment and are able to prove you are still working and necessary for your job you should get your visa. It all depends on the documents presented and some of it on your luck

    - good luck

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  • softcrowd
    06-17 07:50 PM
    I & My wife are working on H1-B visas currently. We two simulataneously started our Greencard process with our employers.

    Both of us have a priority date of Sept 2006 & our EB category is Eb2. Both our labors got approved & applied for I-140s. My wife's I-140 got approved recently (from TSC) while Mine is still pending with NSC (Nebraska dates are behind).

    A couple of months back, my current employer offered me a pre-aproved EB3 labor (from April 2004) & asked me to apply for I-140 (Substitute). He told me that once approved, I can port this EB3 2004 priority date onto my Eb2 I140. I applied for the same in premium processing, subsequently got an ability-to-Pay RFE and employer is working on providing audited financial statements from 2004.

    Overall, we have 3 I-140s between me (2 pending) & my wife (1 Approved). Now that everything is current which one should we pick for applying I-485....This has become a big puzzle for us.

    Here below is a snapshot of our status:

    Me - EB2 (Sept 2006) - I-140 Pending
    - EB3 (Apr 2004) - I-140 Pending (got RFE)

    My wife - EB2 (Sept 2006) - I-140 Approved

    Here are the options we could think of -

    I know, the safest way is to apply I-485 to my wife's approved I-140. But with the DHS's forecast that retrogression is going to be back anytime around Spetember of this year, I am not sure if applying 485 based on a year 2006's date is any useful!! (We get EAD but we may be struck for years to get the green cards).

    Is there an option for both of us to apply for I-485s (I will be dependent on my wife's application & my wife would be dependent on my application). If possible, this option gives us a safety net & also helps us in picking up the best. I know at some point, we have to choose between either of the I-485s but hopefully in a couple of months, we get clarity when both my I-140s are approved.

    Or is it possible for me to apply for AOS on my pending EB2 2006 I-140 and then once my other Eb3 I-140 is also approved, Can I port the PDs while my I-485 is pending??

    In essence, I am trying to find out a way to take advantage of 2004 Priority date I have (assuming Eb3 I-140 is approved).

    Could you please help out, if you have any ideas!!


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  • Butters
    04-09 07:56 AM
    Those are sweet :)

    The ad one is quality.

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  • supu
    10-20 11:27 PM
    Can u just work part time in EAD without H1B.
    Can u please guide me as i plan to do MBA part time.
    I heard your salary leave should be very similar and job close to the one on H1b.
    If its different ( salary or profile) , USICS can reject the EAD application.
    Can u please guide me


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  • raysaikat
    12-25 04:01 AM

    I am currently working at a systems company based on my EAD (H1 has expired). PD is Jun 2006.
    I intend to marry a woman who is currently on F1 visa. I would like to know if there are any pitfalls from immigration point of view.

    Renewing her F-1 visa stamp could be an issue as F-1 requires non-immigration intent (it is very difficult to make a case that she does not want to immigrate to US when her husband is in US on the green card route).

    I understand that she can get an EAD only when my PD becomes current.
    Can she file her I-485 petition based on my approved I-140?

    Yes, that's how a spouse would submit I-485 petition.

    If yes, would she continue in F1 status (or what will her status be?).

    Her F-1 status will no longer be valid; she will be in the so-called "AOS".

    Any other potential pitfalls in this particular scenario?

    Any pointers would be useful.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • americandesi
    04-11 04:20 PM

    So, why is it no organization has tried this? or has this been tried before and failed..

    This has been tried before by Rajiv Khanna and it was unsuccessful


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  • malibuguy007
    05-04 09:11 PM
    If you are on H1 then the ticket should be provided for by your employer - that is my understanding of the law.

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  • looneytunezez
    11-10 03:17 PM
    what do you want? if he/she wants to apply for tourist visa, then it supposes that the purpose should be tourism....

    do you or your friend intend to lie and/or cheat on your application or intentions?

    wanna apply for a visit visa or tourist visa

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  • pyrosleepy
    04-22 01:09 PM
    I have PD which is current (Jun 03 EB2 India), a RD which is current (Jun 05! yes VSC transfer to TSC in Apr 07). In the last week of Nov 07 got a simple RFE (medical RFE wherein the doc forgot to check one box), which was replied promptly and got confirmation from USCIS that they got the response.

    Have been following up with USCIS (service request, POJ-TSC from April 7th). Got a soft LUD today (04/22/2008). does it mean anything ?

    It means you are on your way to Greenland very soon!
    Good luck

    06-24 01:15 PM
    Which service center did your wife apply to ?

    04-07 08:06 PM
    They are a force to reckon with & their succes will help us NOT hurt us.

    Let us encourage them to protest.

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