Twins Are 'The Most unbelievable' Gift - Nick Cannon

The importance of his baby twins' birthday is not lost on Nick Cannon.
"My wife just gift me the most unbelievable anniversary gift ever in life!" the new dad Tweeted Saturday, just hours after the gigantic entrance. Although definitely listening carefully on fatherhood, he's also still idea like a husband who understands the significance of wedding ceremony anniversaries.
Joked Cannon: "I won't forever be gifted to top this!"

Since the entrance of their baby boy and baby girl, numerous celebs in the Twitterverse have congratulated Cannon and Mariah Carey, as well as Nicki Minaj Boyz II Men and mom-to-be, Alyssa Milano.
Asked if the pair deliberate for the birth to coincide with their third anniversary, Carey's rep Cindi Berger told PUBLIC, "No, not even Mariah could plan that."
"I spoke to both of them," added Berger, "and they are both totally delighted."
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