Stars Inform : When I Knew I Was Becoming My Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

While celeb moms calm down and recharge on their particular day, Us Weekly asked stars like Kelly Osbourne, Hayden Panettiere and Olivia Wilde to tell Us: When did you know you were rotating into your mom?

Read on for stars' moving -- and often entertaining! -- responses in respect of Sunday's holiday.

"I had that harsh reality where I woke up one day and felled 'I am my mother!' But, if I could be anybody, I'd be her!"-Kelly Osbourne:

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 "You get to a period and you hear things come out of your mouth, or confident mannerisms and you're like "'Oh my gosh! I am so my mother's daughter!'"-Hayden Panettiere:

 "I could learn a lot from my mom. She's actually high-quality at what she does and I truly honor her work, it's amazing I'm in awe of."-Olivia Wilde:

 "I'm actually good at preparation and I can be fairly stern at times, just like her. [I] just hear [myself] now and then and think 'I sound presently like my mother!' It's extreme, but a good thing in my case. She's amazing."-Rose Byrne:

Star Jones: "I am 100% my mother. So much so that accurate after I had open heart surgical treatment, I came home to my residence and in progress bossing public around. My brother, father and sister turned approximately to me and said" 'You're turning into Mommy.' My own mother even said it!"

 "When I happening wearing bras."-Will Ferrell:

 "I'm at rest in a place of rejection [about turning into her], so I don't know if I can identify the ways that we're similar. Even though she did teach me to situate up for what I think in, so I estimate I do have some good behavior of hers."-Kristen Bell:
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 "There are confident vocal patterns [of mine] that sound sort of well-known and I'll believe, 'that's where I've heard that.' The sound of my voice or my laugh."-Edie Falco:

Elizabeth Berkley: "every time I say [I'm turning into her], I love it! I say, 'that's my mom. I love it.' My mom's wonderful. She's a inspiration. Habitually when I take an accomplishment where I'm a little more fearless [is when I recognize her]. She embodies that and it's stunning.”
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