NUDE....The New Black!

This just in...'nude is the new black'! From creamy khaki to barely there beige, it's just as simply chic as it's counterpart the LBD.

It's a given that the 'little black dress' is a must have for any wardrobe conscious fashionista, but the neutral skin tone nude hue is all the rage at this very moment! A lot of women stick to the LBD for the simple fact that it's a forgiving color and has an extremely slimming effect but regardless, the LND cut in a pattern appropriate for your figure and paired with the right accessories can be just as flattering...

The paleness of the LND goes fab with a splash of color but avoid accessorizing it with black as that will look way too harsh.

Black shoes are also a fashion faux pas as beige on beige has a leg lengthening appeal.

The number one thing to consider when searching for the perfect 'little nude dress' is your personal skin tone.  If you are pale, a darker shade of nude would not be the right fit for you and visa versa...if you're dark, a paler shade nude wouldn't be the right fit for you...  It's all about finding the right hue to compliment you!


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