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Enough of the Royal hoopla... it's time to get back on track here at Retro Threadz as we bring you Mod Monday once again!  Today we're going to talk about fashion icon of the 60's, Edie Sedgwick...
Edie was an American born actress, model, socialite and heiress who is mostly remembered for being Andy Warhol's 'muse' & was even considered a 'superstar' after appearing in several of his short art house films.   Edie's life was the epitome of the 'poor little rich girl' who had it all but had nothing really being that she came from an extremely troubled home.  All of this was said to have led to her battle with anorexia and substance abuse.

She met Warhol, the avante garde filmmaker/artist in March of 1965 and he immediately took a liking to her and set out to make her a star however, none of Warhol's films were commercially successful.

Edie may have failed on the big screen but she left her mark as a true fashion icon for her era as she was the epitome of the swinging 60's scene and a true founder of the beatnik style.  She was young and definitely hip and no one had ever seen anything quite like her daring to wear nothing but a leotard, with opaque tights & a sweater!  This fashion trend took off like wild fire!

It was reported in 1971 that Edie stopped abusing drugs and alcohol for a short time however, on November 15th, 1971 at the ripe old age of 28, she was said to have died from what was noted as 'undetermined/accident/suicide'.  She was definitely the life of every party and lived hers in the fast lane...

She became a vintage legend style icon and even today, women try to emulate her fashion statement with a more contemporary flair.

          *Random Fact: Actress Kyra Sedgwick is Edie Sedgwick's cousin
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