Life after Edwards is 'a struggle'- Julie Andrews

  Life has been fewer than a jovial festival for the star of the movie classics "Mary Poppins" and "The Sound of Music" since the death of her husband, director Blake Edwards.

"I believe every day it's a fight right now," says Julie Andrews, Edwards' soul mate for 41 years. Edwards ("Breakfast at Tiffany's") died from complications of pneumonia in December. He was 88; Andrews is 75. The two were wedded and worked jointly for most of the British actress' five decades in Hollywood.

They first planned for a big-budget dud, the 1970 melodic droop, "Darling Lili." ultimately, though, Edwards and Andrews would bring big-screen successes: the 1979 box-office smash "10," the biting 1981 Hollywood satire "S.O.B." and their Oscar-nominated 1982 musical "Victor/Victoria" - which Andrews told some of the most excellent job in her profession. There was also "That's Life," which the pair made in 1986, "which was such a delight," she says.

Life following Edwards' short-lived began with something of a social gathering, attended by friends, relatives and Hollywood pals. "It was a high-quality memorial," Andrews recalls in an conference. "It was. I required it to be enjoyable. And I didn't desire it to be over-sentimental or depressing, because Blake wouldn't have wanted that."

She has copied ahead professionally, calculation to her long list of kids books with the just published "The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage." And this week, she was pleased with the Geffen Playhouse's Distinction in Theater Award.

"I believe all of you be familiar with that this is been a hard window of time for me, and one of huge change," she said as she established the award Monday night at the Geffen.

Definitely, Edwards would have required her to get on with her life.

"I don't be familiar with," Andrews says with a laugh, as she starts to tear up. "I don't have much option right now — until I join him anywhere."
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