Jennifer Lopez wants A Relaxing Mother's Day: 'I Don't Need Anything Fancy'

Superstar Jennifer Lopez is hopeful her Mother's Day is overflowing with plenty of recreation and time with partner Marc Anthony and her twins.

"I'm very eager," Jennifer supposed of her Mother's Day plans on Friday's Access Hollywood Live, which hubby Marc is setting up.

"So long as it involves me and a divan with my feet up, I'm good. I don't require whatever thing fancy, I don't require big offerings, I want none it," she sustained.

The mother of two is habitually looking forward to spending time with her 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme - and also leasing Marc take over for the day.

"I desire the pitter-patter [of my kids,]" J.Lo told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. "I desire him to give me a little bit of a break in certain moments and it'll be him attractive care of them, I like that. We have babysitters and relatives helps out, but when he's with them I have extra of a sense of quiet, because I know that they adore being with him."

On Friday's show, the "American Idol" judge also took questions with some of her major fans - one asked what she might be doing if she didn't have a career in amusement.
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"At one position I was believing about becoming a lawyer, I'd served in a law office, but I was by now dancing, so I was already lessening in love with that very much," the 41-year-old said.

One role she was sure she required in her life was motherhood.

"I forever knew I wanted a family and I wanted kids," she told Billy, Kit and her super fans. "I love expenditure time with my babies and rolling around with them...wiggle worm is Max, you can't hold that child down. My Emme is an angel person, an angel baby."
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