Chloe Bridges: "Worst. Prom. Ever."

Stepping out to encourage her latest film, Chloe Bridges was spotted out at Planet Hollywood in Times Square in New York City on Monday daylight (May 9).

The “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” cutie rocked a gray strapless clothes and heels as she posed for movies ahead of the day's promotional occasion for her new MTV film titled "Worst. Prom. Ever.".

Discussion with journalists, Bridges newly opened about her first prom occurrence, telling, “Yeah. I went to ordinary school and I went to two proms. I don’t have any shock stories. They were both high-quality experiences. The worst thing about them was I had high prospect and the proms finished up just being kind of decent.”

The growing brunette beauty added, “I sense like a lot of things go mistaken when one person has hope and the other one doesn’t and you’re dates and stuck jointly all night. That happens to so many public. So, my recommendation is to go with a associate.”
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Benefit from the movies of Chloe Bridges promoting her new MTV movie 'Worst. Prom. Ever.' at Planet Hollywood in Times Square (May 9).
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