Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver: Prenup?

Now that word of their split is opening to settle, relations attorney Robert Brandt has stepped forward to species out the potential of a divorce between Arnold Scwarzenegger and Maria Shriver - even addressing whether the celebrated couple signed a prenup.

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The relative’s legal representative addressed questions over whether the wildly rich pair signed an all-important prenuptial conformity before tying the knot, telling, "We are discussion about a globe celebrated actor who was making $20 million a film before he became governor. We are discussion about someone who is in the Kennedy family -- one of the most well-known, wealthy families in the globe. A case like this, if they don't work it out, could engage tremendous sums of wealth. We could be conversation about upwards of a billion dollars in net value."

The Los Angeles based lawyer continued, "Under California law, all the public property has to be similarly divided. So if we are conversation about a billion dollars in acquisitions -- from the date of wedding to the date of division -- each one of them is going to end up with half a billion dollars, completely."

Based on his skill, Brandt added, "I would have to feel that considering she was from the Kennedy clan, and he had already done many, many cinema and was really successful -- and he was an actor -- they definitely had to have thought about a prenuptial agreement."
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