Red Hair For Your Skin Type

Have you always wanted red hair – like Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Tori Amos or Lindsay Lohan? With our tips to find the right red for you – no matter if your natural hair color blond, brown or black. In drug stores and the hairdresser, there is a wide selection of colors, from Rotblond of intense red and copper up to eggplant! Also, darker skin types such as for example Beyonce Knowles, certain shades of red. It all depends on the correct color. And if you already have red hair, read below on how to get your shade of red and your hair with proper care, stay healthy and shiny.
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If you have blond hair and fair skin…
There are Rotblond or bright copper tones. If you have very light hair, during the application of hair dyes at home or when you use henna caution to not accept your hair carrot red clay. Have less natural light hair pigments and hair colors dark shad therefore assume particularly intense. If in doubt, try a washable hair dye in the desired color, and so long experiment have found the right color to you.
If you have dark blonde or light brown hair and a light to medium skin type…
You can wear most shades of red – if they are tuned to your color type. If you are a “winter type” or “summer type ” are (you have a cool, bluish-pink or olive skin tone and can denim blue, sky blue, pink, bright red, and black bear), then you can use hair colors like cherry, burgundy, intense red or aubergine. If you’re a “spring type” or “autumn type, ” are (you have an off-white, yellow or golden skin tone and can wear off-white, turquoise, olive green, rust red, brown and gold), then you are rather warm reds, such as copper, gold or copper beech . The rule of thumb: The lighter your natural hair color and your skin tone, the brighter and brighter the red shade, which suits them best.
If you have medium brown to dark brown hair and an olive skin tone…
You have a deep red or dark colors such as cherry or mahogany. Depending on skin tone, you can wear something lighter reds (see above). If you notice you: Highlights in intense and brilliant shades of red might look at you very interesting!
If you have black hair and dark skin tone…
If you want very red hair, recommend you leave the work to a professional. Probably have your hair bleached before the red color to achieve the desired effect. Red highlights, as described above, could be a hair more gentle alternative to chemical-intensive process that is exposed to all your hair with a combination of whitening and hair color. Another advantage of the highlights is that the offspring is less visible and you do not need all four weeks of treatment approach to the hairdresser.
If you have a less intense shade of red like cherry or dark colors such as can red wine (without prior bleaching) give your hair a rich, subtle shade of red – and lots of shine! However, it should be as a colorant that shades most do not have enough coverage on black hair.
If you have gray hair…
If you want to cover gray hair and reddish want, you should dye your hair first in your natural hair color or a similar sound. Especially if your natural hair color is relatively dark. Grey hair is hardly any pigments and therefore assume chemical hair colors most intense. A single output sound prevents what your gray strands and approaches suddenly orange and pink.
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