Celebrity Fall Hairstyles for Women

Fall hairstyles are those hairstyles which have been especially devised for the fall season. There are different options for fall hairstyles i.e. these might be achieved for short as well as long hair. You, yourself might have seen many celebrities having short hairstyles during the fallseason because hair is easy to manage by this way. Similarly there are also many alternatives for these hairstyles and one can also have a funky look by applying funky hairstyles on themselves.
Here are few choices of fall hairstyles for women having short hair.
Pixie Cut
2011 Celebrity Fall Hairstyles
Celebrity Fall Hairstyles- Halle Berry hairstyle
Short hair in the back and longer hair in the front make out a pixie cut. This cut might come with optional bangs too. It is one of the terrific options for the fall season. This hairstyle gained popularity when Katie Holmes adopted it. She had transformed her hairstyle from long locks to a sexy, and class image with a pixie cut. Keeping up with his haircut means you have to go to a salon after every 4 to 6 weeks time.
Short bob
2011 Celebrity Fall Hairstyle
Celebrity Fall Hairstyles- Alexa Chung hairstyle
A short bob can come in many varieties of short lengths e.g. hair with length up to chin or ear and sometimes in between ear and chin too. A shorter hair is included at the back and long layers at the front with straight cut bangs. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Anne Hathaway and Victoria Beckham had pulled off with this hairstyle during the fall season.
Messy and Sexy Hairstyles
Celebrity Fall Hairstyle 2011
Celebrity Fall Hairstyle
These types of hairstyles are applicable on both curly and straight hair. However, for curly hair it needs to be made sure that the stylist should cut according to curls. During cutting, care must be taken and the hair should have enough length in order to frame the face. Moreover, cutting should add texture to hair and it should stand out. Celebrities who exhibit this hairstyle include Hilary Swank, Lisa Rinna and Cameron Diaz.
Short fall hairstyles work only on right type of face. People having oval and triangular faces with high cheekbones can have short hairstyles during the spring season. At the same time, people having longer hair lengths might also be considered to have autumn hairstyles. Hair lengths just above the shoulders like shaggy hairstyles are also a type of autumn hairstyle. Jessica Alba, a famous artist also has shaggy hairstyle but which is not too short and suits well with her facial features.

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