Britain revokes wedding invite for Syria representative

Britain announced Thursday it had revoked a royal wedding invitation to the Syrian ambassador because of violent attacks on protesters by the regime there.

Human rights groups had criticized the choice to invite Ambassador Sami Khiyami to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding at Westminster Abbey.
More than 450 public have been killed since last month in the revolution against President Bashar Assad's controlling regime, with 120 dead over the weekend, according to the U.N.

The administration said ambassadors from all countries with which Britain has "usual political relations" had been invited to the marriage_ some 185 in all.

But the Foreign Office said Thursday that "in the light of this week's attacks next to civilians by the Syrian safety forces, which we have fated, the Foreign Secretary has determined that the attendance of the Syrian ambassador at the royal wedding would be unacceptable and that he should not be present at."

It said Buckingham Palace public that view. Prime Minister David Cameron's office said he also certified the decision.

The Syrian Embassy in London said it was not right away able to statement.

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