Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyle Picture#1 -Here the tresses are pinned at backside and then left loosely below the shoulder level by creating large curls. A beautiful tiara is placed at the front that provides an attractive look.

Wedding Hairstyle with long blonde hair

Wedding Hairstyle Picture#2 -This one is a wedding hairstyle on long blonde hair with spiral curls. This hairstyle is best suited on oval or oblong shaped face.

Wedding Hairstyle in Blonde Hair

Wedding Hairstyle Picture #3 -In this wedding hairstyle the locks are pulled backside tightly and swept at one side of the shoulder. This wedding hair style can suits on all type of faces.

Sideswept Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyle Picture #4 -Here tresses are pinned backside by creating multiple spiral curls and at the middle attractive silver crown is placed, then cover with a veil.

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