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CIFF Trends - Fashion Season Autumn/Winter 2010-2011
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CIFF Trends - Fashion Season Autumn/Winter 2010-2011

Rustic Roots

The range of green is omnipresent complete by two industrials colors: grayed and pinkish cement. A palette of autumn reds with different grape tones.

The accent is on materials associating rusticity and refinement: compact or boiled wools, tweeded flannels, quilted linig and patches and sportswear fabrics like cotton/polyalide foamback.

Focus on the reworkes warp and weft, overall sequins, bi-fabrics and garments as cape and overalls.

From industrial wastelands alloys and patinas inspired the color range:
somber, subtle neutrals composed of inky blue, iron gray and taupe brown.
Secondary colors as greenish beige, dark bronze, teal blue, violet.

The fabrics look thick and protective, yet comfortables. Double serge of herringbone cottones are brushed inside, rough denim washed out, wools are boiled. Surface treatments: alloveror placed polyurethane coatings on wool or cottons, dyes like rust, wrinkle or waffle effects, waxy looks.

Note the military look, the chinos, the natural fabrics, double closing,

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