Parkour Shoes

Parkour Shoes
Parkour is a discipline of physical training in which the person negotiates the obstacles in his path through quick movements according to individual's environment. It is a combination of various sports form, in which skills like climbing, jumping are employed along with running. This particular sports form originated in France and is now practiced in many parts of the world. A flexible body and fast, agile movements are a must for parkour training. You should be also well equipped with appropriate gear required for this sports form. Good quality parkour shoes are a must for any one who wishes to go for parkour training exercises.

How to Choose Parkour Training Shoes

It is preferable to invest in light weight shoes, considering the amount of running you will be doing. Parkour training includes extensive running and physical exertion, hence it would be a bad idea to carry additional weight of shoes. Lightweight shoes also allow free movement and rolling of ankles. However, weight is often directly proportional to durability. Thus, if you invest in extremely light weight shoes, they may not last for long, whereas bulky shoes may restrict your movements and affect your pace. Hence, choose medium light weight shoes that will offer durability as well as free movement.

Thickness of soles is another important factor to be considered while buying parkour shoes. Although a few people might suggest that thick soled shoes are apt for parkour training, this may not be true. Thick soles hinder the sensitivity of your feet with the environment, which may affect your landing. It may also lead to misjudgment of leaps, thereby resulting in injuries. Hence, it is best to buy shoes with thin soles only. Also, one piece soles resist better to wearing than soles in multiples pieces.

Shoes with arch support are anytime better than those without arch support. Arches provide the foot with a soft padding while landing. As the heels and toes bear the impact, the arch of foot is protected from injuries. However, make sure you do not go for hard plastic arches, as they may damage your feet. The arch of shoes should be sensitive and flexible so as to use the natural arch of your foot.

Grip of the shoe is the most important factor which sportsmen considers while buying shoes. It is a must to have a strong grip that will allow you to perform in dry and wet conditions. Parkour should be avoided in wet conditions due to unpredictable leaps and susceptibility to falls. A firm grip will not let you lose your balance and allow you to land on your feet correctly when you jump. Soles made from sticky rubber are best for climbing walls as they provide maximum grip. However, this kind of rubber is susceptible to wear and tear. Generally speaking, the more spiky or sticky the grip of shoe, the less is its durability.

Fit of the shoe is another important factor to be considered while buying beginners parkour shoes. The shoe should snugly fit your feet and should not slip off easily. A shoe that slips off your feet could be very hazardous while jumping from heights.

Acquiring parkour training can be expensive and it could become even more expensive if you are required to splash a heavy amount on expensive trainers every 2-3 months. No matter what quality of shoes you buy for parkour training, they are likely to wear out within 3-4 months. Hence, it is best to invest in cheap but comfortable shoes for parkour training.

Parkour is a sport that tests your pace, agility, flexibility and efficiency. A good pair of parkour shoes can help a great deal in improving your performance in this versatile sport.

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