How to Rip Jeans

How to Rip Jeans
Ripped jeans have always been a favorite type of jeans in teen fashion. Spending thousands of dollars to buy a ripped jeans from a showroom may not be possible every time. You can easily make your own ripped jeans and will not have to spend a lot of money for the latest fashion trend. The tools and material that you will require to rip your jeans are given below:
  • Coarse Sandpaper
  • Steel Grater
  • Block of Wood
  • Utility Knife
How to Rip Jeans: Arranging a Pair of Jeans
If you are experimenting with ripping jeans for the first time, it is recommended that you get an old pair of jeans. Choose a pair of jeans such that you will not worry unnecessarily, even if you do make a mistake while ripping the jeans. Ripped jeans look great with faded old jeans. If you want to buy a new one, buy a low priced pair of jeans. Ripping a jeans is like making holes and tearing the jeans, thus there is no point buying an expensive pair of jeans.

How to Rip Jeans: Deciding the Area to be Ripped
Once you have arranged for the jeans to be ripped, decide the areas you want to rip. You can search in fashion magazines or just search on the Internet and you will get an idea about the areas of the jeans that are usually ripped. Jeans are generally ripped at pressure areas like hips, knees, pockets and thighs. Make the appropriate pattern you want on the jeans.

How to Rip Jeans: Marking the Areas
After deciding the areas to be ripped, it's time to mark the areas. You should mark the areas by wearing the jeans, this will give you an exact idea of the areas that will be ripped. Use a pencil or a washable marker to mark the ripped areas. Decide properly, the shape and size of the areas to be ripped.

How to Rip Jeans: Working on the Areas
Ensure that you take off the jeans before you start ripping the jeans. There are chances that you can hurt yourself if you rip the jeans while wearing it. Since you have already marked the areas you will not have to worry about the ripping. With the help of a razor or a pair of scissors, make small incisions on the marked. Place the wooden block below the area, this will provide a support while ripping. To fray the jeans, use a sandpaper or a steel grater and scrape the jeans at the incisions. To loosen the fabric at the ripped area, use a safety pin or a small scissor and take out the threads. Give the ripped area the proper shape and pattern of your choice. Your ripped jeans is almost ready.

How to Rip Jeans: Washing the Jeans
Now, wash the jeans at least two times in the machine. This will give the jeans a proper ripping effect. You can use mild bleach or pumice stones to get a faded effect. Wear the jeans and see if you want to give more ripping effects.

Ripped jeans with their torn and skinny exposure have always been a favorite amongst the youth. Go ahead and try to rip your jeans and when you are an expert at it, teach your friends how to rip jeans and become a fashion icon.

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