How to make hair color last longer

It does not matter where you color your hair – at home or have it done by a professional – you want to make your hair color last as long as possible.
There are a few tips you can try to keep your hair color vibrant.
- Color your hair often, every six weeks. If you are using red dyes, color every 4 weeks because red dyes fade faster than other colors.
- Avoid shampooing your hair every day. Your color will fade faster if you shampoo on a daily basis.
- Use a clarifying shampoo for several days before coloring to get hair serums and other silicone-based products off your hair. This will enable the dye to penetrate easier. However, avoid using this type of shampoo every day because it will fade your color.
- Don’t shampoo for one day right before coloring your hair. The dye will better adhere to your hair and last longer if you hair is a little oily.
- Use a color enhancing shampoo if your hair color gets brassy.
- Protect your hair from the sun. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, wear a hat or scarf. Or you can use shampoo and conditioner with built-in sunscreen.
- Avoid the hairspray. It can make the color look dull and lifeless.
- Avoid hot water because it will fade your hair color. Cool or lukewarm water is better option.

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