How to Choose the Right Hair Color

There are good ways to determine just which hair color will be right for you. Here are the basic tips.
Examine your eye color, your natural hair color, and the skin tones.
The most important assessment you must make is – are your colors cool or warm?
A hair color with warm tones (red, gold and auburn shades) is best for women with warm skin tones and brown, green or green-hazel eyes.
A hair color with cooler tones (light gold or ash) is best suited to women with fair skin and blue or hazel gray eyes.
The right hair color for women with fair to pink skin is the ash, honey and blonde or neutral colors.
Women with gold tone skin should choose deep reds and auburns; however, they should avoid colors like orange, bright gold or yellow.
Dark browns are best for dark skin. Pale skin suits almost all hair colors while olive skin suits darker hair colors.

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