Hollywood's hottest hairstyles

Tired of wearing the same old style? Take a cue from these stars and transform your tresses with the help of expert how-tos.
Half Up, Half Down
This sixties redux features a pinned-up top to show off the face.
How to get the look:
Richard Marin, the L.A. stylist for Denise Richards, recommends these steps:
1. Part wet hair down the center. Starting in front, blow-dry hair using a round brush.
2. Run a dime-size bit of pomade through hair with fingers to smooth flyaways.
3. Gather a 2-inch section of hair at the center front of the head, then secure it near the crown with a large, flat barrette. After clipping, you can push this section slightly forward to create some volume on top.
4. Spritz a lightweight shine spray at the temples and smooth stray hairs with fingers.
5. On cool setting, blow-dry both sides of the head to tame any remaining strays.
Center Part with Waves
Both sweet and sexy, this do combines a strong part with tousled locks.
How to get the look:
Kimberly Kimble of L.A. explains how to emulate the style she created for Beyoncé:
1. Work two dime-size dollops of smoothing serum into damp hair. Allow hair to air-dry, combing periodically, or blow-dry to save time.
2. Part hair down the center, from the crown to the forehead (the longer the part, the more it helps to flatten the top). Use a 2-1/2-inch-barrel curling iron to create waves, beginning at the back of the head. Hold the iron vertically and wrap 2-inch strands around the barrel. After each section is curled, clip it out of the way.
3. Once waves cool, remove clips and fingercomb hair. Work a dab or two of anti-frizz cream into tresses to keep them from getting poufy.
Wispy Bangs
Last year's blunt curtain has been replaced by softer, piecey fringe.
How to get the look:
Beverly Hills stylist Mara Roszak, who cuts Halle Berry's hair, offers the following tips:
1. For the cut, ask your stylist to either use a razor on the front strands or to chop up and into the ends of the bangs.
2. After the rest of the hair has been blow-dried, add volume to bangs by blow-drying them with a round brush. Next, use a flatiron to straighten and separate individual strands.
3. Rub a dime-size dollop of pomade between fingers, then rake them through the bangs, pulling pieces together as you go along. Roszak suggests positioning strands exactly where you want them, making sure there are some gaps.
4. Spritz bangs with a lightweight hairspray.
Big, Bouncy Curls
Classic spirals bring a touch of Old Hollywood glamour to a night out.
How to get the look:
For Gwen Stefani's hair, styled by Danilo, of L.A. and New York City, do this:
1. Blot wet hair with a towel, then comb in a dime-size dab of anti-frizz cream from the roots to ends. Part the hair, then blow-dry from front to back with a paddle brush until hair is smooth.
2. Divide hair into 1- to 2-inch sections, misting each with a volumizing spray. Wind each section around a medium-size Velcro roller (use one large roller on bangs). After winding, turn blow-dryer on each roller for 30 seconds. Unwind, affixing a metal clip through each ringlet. Continue until all hair is clipped.
3. Release clips and brush front layers across the forehead. Mist with a light hairspray.
Posh Ponytail Sporty? Not these ponys. They're chic, worn high and smooth, or low and loose
How to get the look To achieve Jacinda Barrett's ponytail, Danilo followed these steps:
1. Run a quarter-size dollop of anti-frizz cream through towel-dried hair; blow-dry hair straight using a round brush.
2. Divide hair into three sections top-back, left side and right side and clip separately. Mist top back section with volumizing spray, then curl hair toward the back using a 1-1/2-inch-barrel iron; secure each curl with a bobby pin. Mist, curl and pin sides, winding hair up instead of back.
3. Once curls cool, remove pins and brush hair. Gather a high ponytail; secure with an elastic.
4. Fluff dangling curls with fingers, then spritz on a gloss to settle strays and add shine.

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